Stop, Collaborate and Listen – Wit’s End and Renegade Collaborate in 2013

Renegade Brewery It’s less than one month into the new year and already one potential beer trend for 2013 has been confirmed – the continued popularity of the collaboration brew. Two of Denver’s best neighborhood breweries, Renegade Brewing Company and Wit’s End Brewing Company, have teamed up on what promises to be an eagerly anticipated release later this year.

While he didn’t reveal any of the secret ingredients or when the collaboration might be tapped, Brian O’Connell, president and chief beer officer with Renegade, said fans should be expecting something creative with a high ABV coming down the pipeline later in 2013.

“Scott and I have been friends for quite a while,” said O’Connell. “We spend a fair amount of time hanging out together at different beer events. We were inspired to do this particular brew over pints down at Falling Rock when we were down there picking out our respective pro-am beers for GABF 2013.”

After discussing the idea casually for a few months, O’Connell and Scott Witsoe, founder and owner of Wit’s End, translated their idea into action when O’Connell took the first step by ordering the specialty ingredient for much-discussed brew. After meeting up again over beers at Wit’s End to translate their concept into a concrete recipe, O’Connell and Witsoe brewed the first batch last week at Renegade.

“It is kind of a wacky idea, so we might have to tweak it and then brew it again on Scott’s system,” said O’Connell. “We just hope that people enjoy it and get a kick out of trying a collaborative beer from two Denver brewers that are deeply passionate about craft beer.”

There’s no current release date for the collaboration, but fans of Renegade and Wit’s End will surely find out that good things come to those who wait.

About Peter MacKellar

A native Coloradan who thinks our fine state offers the best beer and snow anywhere in the U.S., Peter recently moved back to Denver after spending a few years in New York City.