Jesse’s Top Four of 2012

whiskey and guitars Highlights of 2012

Big Beers, Belgians and Barley wines Festival – Vail, Colorado

This was an utterly awesome event to attend. The reasons for this feeling are so great, that if I had to sum it up, it would come down to my top three reasons why any Coloradoan (or other ‘oan’ should attend).  1. The opportunity to meet the Denver Off the Wagon people. What a shit show of fun these people have. Good folks with a common appreciation for great beer. 2. The beer. Oh my goodness the beer. Every major brewery was there. Larry Bell of Bells Brewery from Michigan. Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head. Brad Lincoln from FunkWerks (best new brewery at the 2012 GABF).  Some of the awesome beers we cannot always get in Colorado were at our disposal. Inebriation was expected and it delivered. 3. You can have an easy conversation with any brewery present and try some of the gnarliest beer you may not always get the opportunity to try.

Oregon and Washington Hops Tour

Two Colorado ladies hell bent on trying awesome beer in Oregon and Washington (while on a budget). It was an INCREDIBLE trip for us, or dare I say anyone?  Ninkasi. Rogue. Pelican. Caldera. Standing Stone. Finally deciding life was too short, two friends who hadn’t spoken in years decided it was time to reconnect and do so on the road, with a mission to try incredible beer. Joy and I hooked up in Colorado, flew to Portland and started our adventure working on hops farms and trying ridiculous beer. While I ended the trip feeling conspicuous walking through the airport with my bag “ting-tinging” due to the MANY beers I wrapped in clothing to fly back home to Colorado, these beers came in handy. Who knew you could by-pass paying the extra weight of luggage by giving an awesome beer to the airline attendant?  Yes, it does work. One of the best memories I have from 2012.  Traveling, eating and drinking can be done on a budget.

Starting food truck – Common-Link

Gnome While the initial dream was to sling sausages, poutines, Belgium fries and beer in a brick and mortar, a food truck is what has come to be – minus the beer, it’s not legal…yet. My husband and I left great jobs in Denver and moved to Fort Collins to pursue our dream. While the hours will probably suck down the road and the pay will be minimal at first, we are doing something that is our own and taking the risk few take. We are buying from local vendors/farmers, giving back to our community and pursuing greatness, this is something that has made 2012 the most memorable. Oh ya, and our truck is covered in garden gnomes.

St. Patrick’s Day – Star Bar, Denver, Colorado

Justin knows how to throw a party.  The Kentucky Parlor Pickers were playing and we were in good company with the always awesome beer from Great Divide.  The day ended by 2:00pm.  Enough said.