Hugo’s Soft Opening Makes Us Hard

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The much anticipated opening of Hugo’s Colorado Beer and Spirits took place last week and we here at the Wagon could not be happier. Hugo’s is located at t 1205 E. 13th Ave (13th and Downing) and it’s focus will be on Colorado brews and Colorado distilleries. One stop shopping for all the great offerings from the Colorado craft beer and booze community.

One of my favorite finds of opening day was a bottle of 291 Whiskey. Hugo’s is one of the only retail outlets you can purchase this at. And trust me, it is worth it.  Hugo’s stocks their aged whiskeys as well as the 291 White Dog – also worth the purchase. The beer coolers were plump with all the local greats and ripe for the picking. With focused selections and specialties such as these, this neighborhood liquor store is sure to quickly become a destination for those looking to support the craft community. They will also have a larger selection of bomber bottles and the ability to mix and match your own six packs. Eventually, the space will be used to host tastings, classes and other events.

Whiskey Wares at Hugo's

Whiskey Wares at Hugo’s

The grand opening for Hugo’s is planned for sometime in mid-January but owner Joe-Michael Wright is keeping regular business hours currently. Hugo’s is open 11-10 Monday-Thursday, 11-11 Friday and Saturday and 11-6 on Sunday. They will also will be open on New Years Day, but the hours will be 11-8.


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