Dave’s Top 5 of 2012

While I may have only been on board with  Denver Off The Wagon in an official capacity since the end of October, I have had numerous experiences with beer in this town that are worth recalling. Lots of new beers, breweries, events, and products, I figured it is only right for us to reflect upon them if only so we can further appreciate what is coming our way in 2013. As for a lot of people, 2012 was a huge year for craft beer in our fair city, here is what I blearily remember:

burning can lyons oskar blues

Burning Can Festival in Lyons, CO

  • Burning Can – An early day in June, the start of one of the biggest wildfires of the summer, not a cloud in the sky and merciless 90+ degree temperatures. Sun, dehydration, canned beer. It was awesome. A whole day of trying out canned beers from all over the country. Nothing but good vibes as well. Definitely hitting it up again in 2013 with a sleeping bag in tow. After all, not much point in coasting down a mountain highway after drinking beer all day, is there?
  • The Opening of Black Shirt Brewing – It is a little known secret that we bought a house specifically due to the proximity of where Black Shirt was meant to open up. Actually, not really. In fact, we didn’t even hear anything about Black Shirt until after we closed on the house. Once we had we all but anxiously paced outside of their door at 38th and Walnut until they finally did open up this past September. We, and the neighborhood, are much better for it. 
  • The distribution of North American breweries into Denver. Mostly, the introduction of Magic Hat brewing into our fair city. Sure, the BA may no longer consider them a “craft beer.” But, let’s face it, #9 is delicious. And the art is just stunning. It is at most major liquor stores now. And, of all places, Costco. Go Figure.
  • Having The Gropener sent to my house. It’s a lot of fun to use. I just wish I were thirstier so I could use it more.
  • Denver Beer Fest/ GABF – The week keeps getting better, year after year. I like it because the usual attitude of the beer-drinking town changes quite a bit. Noticed it first at Star Bar with the Cigar City Brewing taps. Lots of rump-shaking music and girls who wanted little more than to dancedancedance – clearly not from around these parts. It was still good to meet folks who were in town for the festival, as well as locals who were making it out on nights not usual to their habits. Like Burning can, Denver Beer Fest is one I’ll be planning carefully for 2013.

Those were my 5 notable moments of 2012. What were yours?

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