Circling up the Wagons – 12/23-12/30

Pouring of beer at the Denver Only Beer Festivus Congratulations, you’ve survived yet another year of boozin’ on the good stuff. If you know what is good for you, you will head out on Monday night to celebrate the induction of a new year. We have a few ideas of where you can spend your evening, and you can always visit our friends over at Rackhouse for the Left Hand tap takeover. Either way, make sure you’re safe and somewhat responsible. And remember, bartenders never forget the super-drunk and sloppy jerk that vomits but doesn’t leave a tip.

For your last recap of the year:

If you are heading out tomorrow night, remember that Denver has some pretty sticky laws about open containers. Fortunately, we went ahead and figured them out for you.

Colt & Gray went on a bit of a hiatus. Fortunately, they emptied their kitchens and cellars before they went.

An excellent interview with Black Shirt Brewing’s Branden Miller.


I’m sure you’re already looking ahead into the new year (after that whole Mayan debacle, how could you not?) So I put together a quick video that asks what you think our resolutions should be in the the new year. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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