Lugene and his Chocolate Milk Stout

lugene odell's What does a jolly dairy farmer, chocolate and spent grains have in common?  These were all necessary ingredients to make Odell’s Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout. On a recent tour at the brewery with Mr. Jay Montez (known for his glorious beard that you may have come to gaze upon at this year’s GABF) we were able to gain a great appreciation for the process that went into making this beer. I enjoyed every part of the Lugene process so much, and Jay’s beard, that I went to visit the big man himself at the dairy farm to see if the amazing stories about him were true.

The genuine appreciation for dairy farmer, Lugene, and the Chocolate Milk Stout process begins right after you see his old Chevy sitting next to the loading dock at the brewery. Faded in blue, dented and speckled in mud and other matter, this farm truck has been with Lugene for years commuting used brewery malt and other organic wastes to feed his dairy cows. The story behind this beer was so great, it made me want to go and see the dairy itself and meet the Lugene.

15 minutes outside of Fort Collins and after a few minutes of visiting with Lugene, you think of Anchorman‘s Ron Burgundy and him sitting by a fire amongst many leather-bound books and with smells of rich mahogany.  If I were a betting lad, I would say at the big release of Lugene Milk Stout on January 6th, Lugene and his wife will be sitting in a corner, drinking an IPA with their well-behaved sheep dog next to them,  watching people and trying to go unnoticed. Very un-Ron Burgundy but oh so cool of Lugene.

lugene release party fort collins odells
So, if you don’t have anything going on Sunday January 6, 2012, or if you do, you should cancel now and come up to Fort Collins for the release of Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout! Enjoy a smooth chocolate milk (alcohol included) beer with food provided by numerous food trucks on the first Sunday Odell will be open! Not able to make it? Keep an eye out for Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout arriving on the shelves of your favorite liquor retailer in Janurary 2013.

Editor’s note: There will also be a Lugene release happy hour on January 4th and the Falling Rock Taphouse. Details here.