Drinking the Bar Dry at Colt & Gray

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First bottle down, many more to go!

Ah, the British. Not only do our pals on the other side of the pond enjoy on average 20 days a year more vacation than we Americans, they know how to kick off their vacations in style!

In the Olde English tradition, the team at Colt & Gray bucked their way into the holiday week with the third annual Drink the Bar Dry celebration, as dozens of boozy patrons packed the cozy Platte Street pub to clean out the kitchen and bar stockpiles in preparation for their annual holiday closing.

The evening started out like any other, with barmen Kevin Burke and Brian Smith all buttoned up and proper, but as evening turned into night, shirt sleeves rolled and the pressed white oxfords gave way to v-neck t-shirts and loosely-knotted ties. The crowd at the bar obliged with orders from their Princess Bride-themed cocktail menu, featuring pleasers like The Man in Black (two rums, mint, lime and bitters) or the R.O.U.S (Bourbon, Galliano, bitters and house made tincture).

colt and grey wheel of shots denver

Wheel! Of! Shots!

Revelers enjoyed progressively deeper discounts as drinks were flowing and shouts of “Eight dollar burgers!” and “Four dollar bar snacks!” bellowed from Owner Nelson Perkins. Bar patrons took turns spinning the Wheel of Shots, taking their chances to land on five dollar servings of top-shelf whiskey, Angostura bitters, lemon drop martini, and other quirky libations. The restaurant staff was hustling, feeding the frenzied crowd of rowdy, post-victory Broncos fans and hungry cocktail seekers till the kitchen called it a night.

Kevin Burke, Colt & Gray, Drink the Bar Dry, Carbonating

Barman Kevin Burke, hand-carbonating a fine beverage

Traditionally the restaurant closes for at least a week, but this season they are reopening on December 27th. “This year we are forgoing our January vacation as we should be doing some construction in early spring with the opening of the expanded dining room, Viande, and Ste. Ellie” said bar manager Kevin Burke. Upon reopening, they will also be rolling out a new cocktail menu, taking clues from another cult movie classic, Zoolander.

We wish the crew at Colt & Gray a few great days off, and thanks for a great party!



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