Weekend off the Wagon – December 21-23

wagon wheel and growler Due to server issues this morning and a hangover that makes me wish the Mayans were right, Weekend off the Wagon is a short one today.

Our Mutual Friend is throwing a party and a food drive tonight while Freshcraft empties their cellars to pour some ridiculous beer. Meanwhile, Star Bar will play Christmas Vacation on repeat as you don your costumes and drink some spiked egg nog. Down the street, there’s a three story Armageddon evening in the same spot as Festivus last week. The beer won’t be as good, but there are three floors of it. So, party!

Tomorrow, Right Coast Pizza celebrates the fact that we’re still alive and Copper Kettle taps into a new batch of Bourbon Breakfast Stout.

Sunday, the Broncos take on the Browns, but more importantly Colt & Gray has their annual Drink the Bar Dry party.

Here’s your homework: go do something awesome, and tell us about it. We love stories.


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