Happy Hour Guide: Breweries, Denver and Boulder

Congratulations! You have survived through yet another day of labor and it’s time to hit that happy little spot between work life and home life – the happy hour! Why not reward yourself for putting up with your co-workers for another day’s work with a delicious brew? And where better to get said brews than at one of our many world class breweries. Denver is, after all, the Napa Valley of beer. In this edition of the Happy Hour Guide, we’ll meander through just a few Denver and Boulder breweries seeking awesome craft beer on the cheap.


hogshead brewery cask ale Hogshead Brewery

Among the many freshman breweries in Denver, Hogshead is making their mark by having at least one cask beer (naturally carbonated, extra character) on at all times. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore cask beers, especially when they come with happy hour. At the brewery, from 4 til 6 PM, they’ll knock a dollar off any beer. Go on Tuesdays for $2 10-ounce pours of the cask beers!

Wynkoop Brewing Company

An excellent option for downtown, Wynkoop is a great choice when you want to unwind with billiards, craft beer, and maybe a snack before dinner. Monday through Friday from 3 til 6 PM, these guys offer $1 off beer, house wines, and well cocktails. The full bar makes Wynkoop a good choice if there are people with you who don’t drink beer.

River North Brewery

Located just north of downtown Denver, River North is an ideal place to hang out and wait for traffic madness to die down. This is an all Belgian-style, all ale brewery that is full of delicious. From 3 til 6 PM Monday through Friday, beers that come as 16 ounce pours are $4,which is a buck off the normal cost. Check out Wayward Wednesdays for something special every week. **

Renegade Brewing

Are you heading a bit more south? Awesome, there is a place for you too. Check out Renegade for a different special each night Sunday through Thursday. For you happy-hour-goers, the highlights are: Mondays will save you a dollar off the Ryeteous Rye IPA. Hate Wednesdays? Renegade will make it better with $1 off their session-able 5 O’Clock Blonde ale. Celebrate Thursday with the same deal on pours of Sunday Morning.

Big Choice Brewing 

Maybe you are headed north of Denver to the vast sprawl of the suburbs. While one would assume this to be a wasteland of macro beers and Jager shots, there are more than enough craft spots to get your fill. I recommend Big Choice Brewing in Broomfield. They have a healthy selection to please any palate and plenty of seats for all your pals. And their happy hour will please your budget. From Monday through Saturday from 4 til 6 PM, they knock $1 off their regular $4.50 pints. Go Fridays for a special firkin!


Twisted Pine Brewery

Boulder-dwelling friends know of the plethora of choices for craft beer. Perhaps one of my favorite happy hours on this list is at Twisted Pine. From 3 til 5 PM on week days, pours are just $2.75. Tuesday is all day happy hour. Ladies, you get happy hour all day Wednesday. All day happy hour? Great taps? I’m in love.

West Flanders Brewing Company

If you are up Boulder way and require cocktails, wines, as well as beer, be sure to look up the newcomer West Flanders. As the name suggests, they offer brews inspired by West Flanders, Belgium. And they have a pretty solid happy hour too. Weekdays from 4 until 6 PM select beers are $3-4, cocktails range from $5-9, and select wines are $5-7. If you fancy a nibble, they also have a kitchen.


No matter where you end up going for an End Of Work Day celebratory pint, you would be hard pressed to go wrong in Boulder and Denver. This list is just a few that I’ve enjoyed previously. If there is a great happy hour I missed, please tell us about them in the comments! I love exploring new places. My liver, not so much, but I’m always game.


** Eagle eyed readers will notice that yes, I sling beer for River North… I still love their beer. You should too.

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