Give Beer Cheer For The Holidays

beer gift basket

Need an easy holiday gift? Of course you know what I’m going to tell you: Buy some beer! Whether your friend drinks only Coors Light (even worse, with lime) or your significant other is a complete craft beer snob, booze is the ultimate no-fail present.

Given the upcoming holidays, why not serve your loved ones up with seasonal brews? While you could buy one of those 6- or 12-packs (yawn), why not design a mix-pack like you would a playlist on a cassette? Choose beers that push the recipient’s taste buds, are well-adored by the recipient, are limited release; you get the point. Get creative.

And now for the beer. I selected seasonal and special releases for this unique holiday gift basket made with Colorado beers.

lineup of colorado brews

Breckenridge Christmas Ale

This full-bodied yet subdued, chestnut-colored brew is bready and malty with lots of smooth, luxurious caramel. Mild spices, dark fruit and chocolate notes complement one another. Naturally, this cheerful ale will bring good tidings to all.

Tommyknocker Cocoa Porter

This drinkable beer makes a great substitute for your morning coffee, late-day Red Bull and everything in-between. Tommyknocker’s Cocoa Porter is cozy and has plenty of cocoa leading to an under-the-radar bitter finish.

Bristol Winter Warlock Oatmeal Stout

Not as heavy as it looks, this creamy, rich, oatmeal, foreign-styled stout is roasty and warm. The comforting oats round out the bittersweet chocolate notes followed by a nice hop ending. Great for a snowy day, or throw out that sickly-sweet Riesling and pair with dessert.

New Belgium Lips of Faith Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout

Full of mocha-espresso notes, this pitch-black stout is light on the lips and tongue for an imperial style. Sweet molasses mingles with rich, roasted malt for a not too heavy, yet still decadent feel. Drink on its own on a philosophical, dark night or partner it with a creamy, velvety wintry meal like a smoky bacon mac ‘n’ cheese.

Avery Old Jubilation

Sweet and nutty, Avery’s seasonal English Old Ale is a holiday classic. Five malts comprise most of the flavor profile with passage leading to old world hops and a black currant finish. Choose this because it’s tradition and open it the following year.

Upslope Christmas Ale

Showcased in Christmas red, this spicy, yeasty and malty Belgian dubbel is more than worthy of stocking stuffer status. It’s beer candy without the sugar high. Perfect for a seasonal soiree or make your own savory winter stew or feast to pair.

Ska Euphoria

It’s a Christmas tree in liquid form. Rich yet refreshing, this APA is piney and hop-forward with grapefruit and citrus notes, plus lots of malt to balance out the bitterness. If you’ve got the cash flow, wrap up this sick, custom Ska-Venture snowboard too, for the ultimate gift. Pure euphoria indeed.

Left Hand Warrior IPA

Nicely balanced, this warm copper-colored, fresh-hopped IPA unites with bold malt flavors and subtle floral notes. With a refined bitterness, these Colorado-crafted Warrior hops tame even the harshest windy winter’s day.

basket of beers







What brews are you selecting for your holiday beer gift basket?

About Lindsey Dulin

After discovering real beer since her FSU tailgate days, Lindsey Dulin is making up for lost time. She’s now an avid homebrewer and is ceaselessly finding reasons to celebrate the ordinary with a pint. In between beer sessions, Lindsey specializes in digital marketing communications and new media for SMBs. In her spare time she coordinates and participates in multiple volunteer programs and has been a veteran bartender and server for over 10 years. Contact her at