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When one lives in Capitol Hill, two things are inevitable: you like to drink and you are likely broke. While I appreciate good booze, I lack the independent wealth and/or sugar-daddy partner with a wallet fat enough to cover my tastes. As a result, one of my many valued skills is being able to sniff out a decent happy hour in my neighborhood. And, because Denver is a wonderfully booze-friendly city, there are a lot of excellent happy hours to choose from.
In this edition of the Happy Hour Guide, we go deep into the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Charlie Brown’s Bar and Grill: 
While they may be well known and loved for the birthday special (free $30 bar tab on your actual birthday!), awesome patio, and piano shenanigans, Charlie Brown’s happy hours deserve attention as well. From 4 PM til 6:30 PM, they have a rad two-for-one special on any call or well and domestic beers. Maker’s Manhattan, done up? Bam, two-for-one. Margaritas? Do one with salt, one without. The only catch is that it’s first round only, and they bring both to you at once. Come back from 10:30PM until 12:30 AM for another round, same deal. On a recent visit, a friend and I had a total of four drinks for less than $10. That is well within my budget.

park tavern denver happy hour

Park Tavern: 

Yes, THAT Park Tav. Stay with me for a second. On Tuesday’s, from 4 PM til close, you can have almost anything in the bar, including cocktails, shots, you name it, for just $2. But its always stupid busy and pretty much amateur hour (which can be fun to watch). I recommend going any other night for a much more relaxed atmosphere and better service. They also have a happy hour two-for-one deal that  is pretty much on all day, except for like, three hours. The server will give you a poker chip when they bring out the first drink, and then you give it back to them when you order the next. Or keep it for a free drink next time.


Styled in the ever-popular Speakeasy aesthetic, Prohibition seems to have adopted the motif without any of the aires that go along with it. They have really neat art and make a delicious cocktail, but they also have TVs, popular tunes blaring, and a patio. While still a fairly new addition to Capitol Hill, this place always seems to have something going on. Here, happy hour runs from 4- 8 PM and includes $3 wells, and $3 20-ounce drafts, in addition to daily drink and food specials. Sign me up for one of those beers!

The Irish Snug: 

Everyone knows and loves this place! It is among a small number of places that you could take your Mom and not have to spend the whole time explaining various entertaining/seedy things about Colfax. Plus, they have a pretty acceptable beer list and good grub. Their two-for-one happy hour goes from 3 til 7 PM and includes select beers, wells, and house wines. That’s right: wine – so you too can feel classy while putting your drinking shoes on.

Places You Can’t Take Mom
Or at least, my mom would not approve. These places are are dirty, rough around the edges, or just plan strange (which might remind you of your mom? Heyo!). But we love them for no less for their character and really cheap alcohol. Love the dirt. Love it.

Barracuda’s : 
This wonderfully strange and divey neighborhood place has crazy cheap drinks at any hour of the day or night and acceptable grub. If that isn’t enough, it stays open til 4 AM Fridays and Saturdays, so you can go have a non-boozey soda pop and sober up a bit before continuing home. Be aware that it certainly might not be for you, however. But I love it.

Street’s of London:
One of my favorite bars in Cap Hill, this place always has something cheap to drink, be that a $3 You Call It, or a $5 PBR and well shot or some other special. The taps generally don’t suck either. The people are what really entertain me though. The patrons tend to be a cross section of humanity: everything from super cool hipsters to true blue, dyed in the wool punk rockers from the 1970s. And they have delicious 3 Guys Pizza. Good food, cheap booze, and people watching? Yes please.

Lost Lake Lounge:

While Lost Lake tends to be both cool and dirty in equal measures, it is still a fun time (if you can dodge the hipsters). I am absolutely in love with their real wood fire place that keeps the place toasty in the depths of winter. Furthering my love for this place, I don’t think I’ve ever had a tab run more than $15 here, and I can put booze away. Technically happy hour goes from 5 til 8 PM, but I don’t know how they could discount the drinks more.

Where ever you may end up for after work drinking, rest assured that the establishment will almost certainly have a happy hour. Knowing Denver, it will be a good one. Bottom’s up!

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An uppity minx who loves beer, bourbon, politics, kitties, naps, and Firefly. Tap room bartender at River North Brewery. Follow her on twitter @whiskeynikki.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=27900069 Jason Hornyak

    Spot on, Nikki

  • Coit

    Still somewhat new to Cap Hill. This was very helpful in my insatiable quest to get hammered. Thanks!

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