Circling up the Wagons – Weekly Recap 12/2-12/8


No idea, but awesome no less (Photo credit: enggul)

Mornin’ Wagoneers. I predict that about this time many of you are recovering from quasi-regrettable desicions made at your company’s holiday party. Maybe you are also dreading/rejoicing heading home for the holidays to share a brew with your family. Holidays are nigh! Do you have any booze-related traditions?

What you might have missed this week:

Coming up this week:

  • Stories about the Beer & Bacon Festival! It is happening right now, and assuming there are no heart attacks, our correspondents will have something to say.
  • The Denver Only Beer Festivus is going on next Saturday, 12/15. Were you lucky enough to score tickets?


Tonight at 7 PM, on your computer, we will be sitting down with Festivus organizers and local brewers on a Google + hangout to chat about everything from Beer to Denver to aliens (maybe). Follow the hashtag #DOBF on Twitter and submit your questions that you want answered. See you there!

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