PJ’s Top Three Events of 2012

2012 was a year. A full one. With lots of awesome things. Distilling it down to a few moments is hard, but I’d have to pick three events that really stood out for me and the Wagon. In chronological order:   Denver off the Wagon turns one Did you come to our birthday? We sort […]

Peter’s Top 3 of 2012

GABF – Yes, I know it’s the biggest beer event of the year, but this was the first year that my calendar lined up well and allowed me to make it to the GABF. It’s been billed as the Super Bowl of beer and it did not disappoint. The variety of beer and chance to […]

Jesse’s Top Four of 2012

Highlights of 2012 Big Beers, Belgians and Barley wines Festival – Vail, Colorado This was an utterly awesome event to attend. The reasons for this feeling are so great, that if I had to sum it up, it would come down to my top three reasons why any Coloradoan (or other ‘oan’ should attend).  1. […]

Circling up the Wagons – 12/23-12/30

Congratulations, you’ve survived yet another year of boozin’ on the good stuff. If you know what is good for you, you will head out on Monday night to celebrate the induction of a new year. We have a few ideas of where you can spend your evening, and you can always visit our friends over […]

Dave’s Top 5 of 2012

black shirt brewing denver colorado brewery

While I may have only been on board with  Denver Off The Wagon in an official capacity since the end of October, I have had numerous experiences with beer in this town that are worth recalling. Lots of new beers, breweries, events, and products, I figured it is only right for us to reflect upon […]

Hugo’s Soft Opening Makes Us Hard

The much anticipated opening of Hugo’s Colorado Beer and Spirits took place last week and we here at the Wagon could not be happier. Hugo’s is located at t 1205 E. 13th Ave (13th and Downing) and it’s focus will be on Colorado brews and Colorado distilleries. One stop shopping for all the great offerings […]

Weekend off the Wagon – December 28-30

It’s a quiet weekend as far as planned events go. A calm before the storm that is New Year’s Eve. It might be the right weekend to go visit every single brewery in Denver. All of them. With a stop at every single distillery and winery as well. Actually, I’m going to go do that […]

Open Container Tips for New Year’s Eve

Do I drink or do I not?

Christmas is over and the focus has shifted to the one remaining holiday that places a premium on drinking skills – New Year’s Eve.  While specific events are still being hashed out, most people have a general plan to hop from party to party until arriving at a final location in time for the ball […]

Lugene and his Chocolate Milk Stout

lugene odell's

What does a jolly dairy farmer, chocolate and spent grains have in common?  These were all necessary ingredients to make Odell’s Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout. On a recent tour at the brewery with Mr. Jay Montez (known for his glorious beard that you may have come to gaze upon at this year’s GABF) we were […]

Left Hand New Year’s Eve tap takeover at Rackhouse

Face it, if you don’t have reservations for New Year’s Eve by now then you are better off enjoying a nice dinner at a Burger King drive-thru. OR you can roll over to Rackhouse Pub for some fare and a special NYE tap takeover by Longmont’s Left Hand Brewing. This collaboration has been in the […]

A few words with Black Shirt Brewing’s Branden Miller

Branden Miller black shirt brewing denver

Craft beer is a labor of love, sure, but the crew at Black Shirt Brewing (BSB) takes it to a whole new level. When Branden Miller, 31, discovered the spot for BSB (3719 Walnut St) around this time two years ago, the windows of the grungy run-down space sharing walls with a liquor store featured plywood […]

New Year’s Eve in Denver

New Year's Eve in Denver

Assuming that the world did not, in fact, end on the 21st (is this real? or are we in the matrix?), we’re pretty sure that you’ll be looking for a way to celebrate the fact that you’re still alive December 31st. Whether or not you wish yourself dead on the morning the first of the New […]

Drinking the Bar Dry at Colt & Gray

Ah, the British. Not only do our pals on the other side of the pond enjoy on average 20 days a year more vacation than we Americans, they know how to kick off their vacations in style! In the Olde English tradition, the team at Colt & Gray bucked their way into the holiday week […]

Circling up the Wagons – Week of 12/16/-12/22

passed out santa

Happy Holidays, booze hounds! If your seasonal festivities have been anything like ours, then you are likely dead tired and drunk off egg nog. Fret not, in a few days it will all be over. No longer will you have to huddle in the masses of your rarely-sought extended family. Nay, you will be back […]

Weekend off the Wagon – December 21-23

Due to server issues this morning and a hangover that makes me wish the Mayans were right, Weekend off the Wagon is a short one today. Our Mutual Friend is throwing a party and a food drive tonight while Freshcraft empties their cellars to pour some ridiculous beer. Meanwhile, Star Bar will play Christmas Vacation on […]

Free Beer Friday – Courtesy of Illegal Pete’s

Free Beer Friday

Name the brewery’s tap room that has this artwork on their walls. It’s a brewery that is on tap at some of the illegal Pete’s locations. Send your answer and your mailing address to contest@denveroffthewagon.com. The first 10 people to respond correctly will receive in the mail a voucher for a free pint at any […]

Happy Hour Guide: Breweries, Denver and Boulder

Congratulations! You have survived through yet another day of labor and it’s time to hit that happy little spot between work life and home life – the happy hour! Why not reward yourself for putting up with your co-workers for another day’s work with a delicious brew? And where better to get said brews than […]

Give Beer Cheer For The Holidays

Need an easy holiday gift? Of course you know what I’m going to tell you: Buy some beer! Whether your friend drinks only Coors Light (even worse, with lime) or your significant other is a complete craft beer snob, booze is the ultimate no-fail present. Given the upcoming holidays, why not serve your loved ones […]

A Festivus for the rest of us…to remember

Pouring of beer at the Denver Only Beer Festivus

Let’s be honest, Denver isn’t lacking in the celebration department when it comes to exalting craft beer. We are all too familiar with the likes of the Denver Beer Fest, Winter/Summer Brew Fest, and the incomparable Great American Beer Festival to name a few. But when it comes down to it, none have really put […]

Denver considering outdoor open-container areas

photo via Jeffery Beall

When it comes to open container laws, what is the first city that you think of? Las Vegas? New Orleans? What if I told you Denver would soon be on the short list of cities allowing open containers of booze on their streets? Given the amount of breweries, restaurants and bars – as well as […]