Have a borderline illegal holiday with Illegal Pete’s

creepy ass santa claus crying baby I grew up in the suburbs, so my depiction of Santa Claus always come from either Sears or Montgomery Wards. Some years I would bug the hell out of my mom to go see Santa (I was six, and still the oldest child, so shut up). Other years we would wait in line, dolled up for a photo, only to work myself up into a stressed-out ball of fit, screaming and bawling on Santa’s lap.

Also, every Santa I’ve ever met has smelled of booze. Rightly so. They had to deal with irritating shits like me for six hours at a time.

Now that we are all older and (should) know better, we can relive Santa-sitting experiences (with the promise of a few saucy elves to boot).

Breckenridge Brewery and Illegal Pete’s are continuing what was already a twisted experience to their restaurants on December 8th in Denver and December 15th in Boulder. Specials on beer, awesome food, “Elfed Out” brew girls and the like. Oh, and you get to sit on Santa’s lap and get your photo taken! If you’re anything like me, you’ll still be crying while doing so.

Illegal X-Mas – Denver Bash
Saturday, December 8th from 9 – 11 PM
Illegal Pete’s Lodo
1530 16th Street
Denver, CO 80202


Illegal X-Mas – TWO Boulder Bashes!
Saturday, December 15th from 7:30 – 9:30 PM
Illegal Pete’s on the Hill
1320 College Avenue
Boulder, CO


Saturday, December 15th from 10 PM – Midnight
Illegal Pete’s Pearl
1447 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO

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