Remember, Remember, the 5th of December?

COBG repeal day poster denver November 5th may be famous to the Brits for the gunpowder plot and treasonous figures against a tyrranous government. And that’s all find and dandy. Here in America, however, we celebrate the recognition of another tyrannous force being knocked down: December 5th has been officially dubbed “Repeal Day“- the day in 1933 when Prohibition was officially repealed and booze once again flowed in the streets.

A few Denver venues and organizations are celebrating Repeal Day in a whole new light this year.

The Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails (LUPEC) and the Colorado Bartenders Guild (COBG) are hosting a Repeal Day Celebration at the Irish Snug. To set a Prohibitionist theme, the Gypsy Swing Revue will be performing vintage gypsy jazz bringing you back to America’s last outlaw Era. This event will benefit Sox Place – event organizers are asking attendees to bring something from the Sox Place need list in order to help this great organization thrive.

Fitting with their speak-easy theme, Williams and Graham is also hosting a soiree. David Wondrich, world-renowned author of Punch and Imbibe, will be serving as a guest bartender for the evening, as well as signing copies of his book (book seminar and signing starts at 6, then he starts slinging drinks and all bets are off). Guest bartenders from some of Denver’s own lounges will also be on hand. Complimentary food, punch and featured cocktails will flow until 10pm. And, likely, later.

Just guessing.

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