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You: the Wet-Whistled wordslinger who hasn’t been on the wagon, ever, and are looking for the kind of opportunity that keeps you a, erm, wet-whistled wordslinger. You’ve got something to say about booze, alcohol, the big “A”, and need a respectable platform to do it with. Maybe you are a straight-laced, all-things-considered, super balanced news writer. Maybe your words and style are as unpredictable as a six-gun wielding, snark-cannon high on your grandaddy’s moonshine.

Just like the average American, Denver Off The Wagon is growing in just about every direction. To compensate for the growth we are looking to expand our team of regular contributors to keep pace with the adult beverage industry. We need cool cats who are all about writing, photographing, and making videos about the very lifeblood of this town – beer, wine and spirits!

You get:

  • First glance at premier events, products, and interviews with local industry leaders.
  • The opportunity to work with other talented writers and editors to help improve your craft.
  • Free alcohol, rather frequently.
  • A vital platform that reaches thousands of readers every week to express your thoughts and opinions to.

Previous writing experience is helpful. Not much for writing words? We would also love to add more photographers, videographers (vloggers and pros alike), and designers to our stable of creative folks who like to sling back the suds.

Think you have what it takes? Ready to run, haphazardly, into a writing career? Drop a line to us at dave (at) denveroffthewagon (dot) com

About David Pennington

Denver based writer and editor. Managing Editor of Denver Off The Wagon. Usually up to some kind of delinquency. Photos of dogs, beer, and gnarly knee scars over at

  • BigKahunaBrew

    I SO Wish I had the skills and the LOCATION to write for the Wagon!

  • Sterling

    I would love to write for this site. I craft cocktails, make my own brew, and cause a consistent ruckus at all the local joints in and around the front range.