Bars in Denver that are Open on Thanksgiving Day

Whether you’ll be spending the day with family, or you’re an orphan celebrating with friends, by the time 7 or 8 pm rolls around and you’ve properly digested the gut bomb that was Thanksgiving dinner, you’re probably going to be a little antsy to find a place to celebrate one of the things you’re most grateful for: booze. Denver Off the Wagon did the leg work for you, so here’s a list of bars that will be open for your palate’s pleasure and liver’s abuse on Thursday, November 22nd.

Bars that are open in Denver on Thanksgiving Day

Drinking on Thanksgiving

The first person to call it “Turkey Day” has to take a shot.

Classy Joints

  • The Corner Office: Indulge in a Southern Comfort Thanksgiving meal for $26.40 from 11 am to 9 pm. Come for the food, stay for the booze.
  • Ignite: Open from 4 pm to midnight with happy hour and drink specials all night. They’ll also be serving their regular dinner menu for those of you who can’t stand turkey, cranberry, mashed potatoes or any usual kind of happiness.
  • The Cruise Room: Go ahead and be a fancy pants for Thanksgiving drinks. They will be open earlier than their normal 4:30 pm time due to a Thanksgiving buffet and they’ll be open through most of the night until 11 pm.
  • Beauty Bar: It’s business as usual. Come and dance away those 2 slices of pumpkin pie that you ate when you thought no one was looking. If you get there earlier in the evening, you can even indulge in a martini and a manicure.

Dive Bars

  • Sputnik: Were you eating food and drinking beer before it was cool? Then maybe you should get a corn dog and a beer here on Thursday.
  • Lost Lake Lounge: The hipster hangout on the other side of town. Get drunk and be thankful when you wake up in your own bed. With all of your vital organs intact.
  • Charlie Brown’s: This place has old school charm and heat lamps on the patio that make every night a summer’s evening. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.
  • Streets of London: Nice pool tables and a crowd of people that keep you guessing whether they’re transient or just dressed that way to impress people.
  • Nob Hill Inn: Another classic dive in the heart of the city. Several members of the DOTW crew will be celebrating the end of Thanksgiving, so come hang with us!


As far as breweries go, we polled almost all of them in the Denver area and, sadly, the resounding response was that they would be closed. Apparently brewers have families too. However, we did want to let you know that Great Divide, while closed on Thanksgiving Day, is having some specials for the rest of the week that is worth making the trip to the brewery. So avoid Black Friday; celebrate blackout Friday instead. Star Bar on 22nd and Larimer will also be open during regular hours on Friday.


Please Note: There are plenty of other bars and restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving Day. These are a sampling of what’s out there. Open Table has a fairly good list of the places in the Metro area that are open on Thanksgiving and serving a special dinner.

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