Circling up the Wagon – Week in review 11/11 – 11/18

gropener bottle opener one handed Howdy, sud-hounds. Yet another week has come and gone here at the  Wagon. Already the seasons are turning and we are staring down the barrel of the holiday season.  If you’re just turning in, here’s what you missed:

Denver inventor takes to the drawing board for a new style of bottle opener, and kills his IndieGoGo campaign to get it off the ground and onto the shelves.

– Lots of awesome events are announced, including the Beer and Bacon Festival, the Parade of Darks, and more.

For those of you still looking for something delicious to bring to the table on Thursday, we have two wine guides in the works. One from Max and the other from Joni – both serving as excellent guides to what kind of grapes go with the endless meal.

Hopefully you’ll have some time to stop by in the coming week amid all of your travel plans, family dining experiences, and other disasters with turkeys. If you do, you will likely see:

-Kelly T’s latest installment of her crash-course in sobriety

-A quick primer on beers and cocktails that would serve well with stuffing.

-Best bets on where to experience “Blackout Friday” here in Denver (get it? Instead of “black Friday”? Oh. . .nevermind).

News and awesomeness from elsewhere on the internet:

The Macrobrewing industry: a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Should we all really be so surprised that the major businesses are trying to get a slice of the craft market?

A kickin look inside the New Glarus brewery (26 minutes).

Wisconsin Foodie – New Glarus Brewing Co. from Wisconsin Foodie on Vimeo.

Have a great week, Wagoneers!


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