Gropener – the next thing everyone will have bulking up their keychain

gropener bottle opener one handed There’s about a million and one ways one can open a bottle of beer. Usually these methods arrive at the intended goal: getting beer in your mouth. I’ve busted many cigarette lighters, chipped dozens of counter-top ledges, and even broken keychain bottle openers while in the pursuit of opening a beer bottle. At parties, it is usually my keys that get passed around and misplaced because I am, somehow, the only person who has an opener on them.

So when I found the IndieGoGo page for the GrOpener, I felt that we might have come upon the one tool that we have been trying to create for the past century (or however long capped bottles have been around). Being the guy that has to have all of the cool toys this is the must-have that I sort of have to tell everyone about. Including you. The gist – one handed bottle opening. A marvel of physics.

The first 15 seconds of this video shows it best:

Developed right here in Denver, Mark Manger is running an IndieGoGo campaign as a way to fund preorders for the manufacture of the GrOpener. As of this writing, the campaign is fully funded. More contributions can be made and the supporters will receive GrOpeners in reward.

What disastrous ways have your creative bottle-opening antics ended? Anyone loose an eye? A tooth? Something worse?


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  • whatsupwithcrowdfunding

    Looks like this aready exists, is in stock, and sells for $25.

    I hope I’m not the only person who sees that blatant copies of existing products makes up about 50% of indiegogo and kickstarter design projects nowadays.

    There is also zero chance that he will get a patent for this, he should fire his patent agent.

    Use your brains people, do a little research and support the projects that really need your money to get off the ground, not just knockoffs that need to make “minimum order”.

  • Mark Manger

    whatsup: I can appreciate the concern. I think you’ll notice that the GrOpener is uniquely configured to engage and remove the cap through the natural motion of grabbing the bottle. Some traits it may share with other openers are nonproprietary.

    This product is owned and assemble here in Denver and it genuinely needs support to get off the ground.

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