Special sneak-peek at the Chef and Brew festival

Have you had the opportunity to pick up tickets for the first Chef and Brew Festival? It takes place this Thursday, November 15th and The Oriental Theater. It’s the same as we’ve written before: 12 chefs and 12 brewers teaming up to make the best beer/food pairing by the standards of both judges and guests.

We were given a sneak-peek at the anticipated menu and some of the brews that are going to be on hand for event attendees to try out. For example, this gem:

Attendees will sample unique brews like Caution: Brewing’s “The Green Tease”,  infused with tea and fermented with 2 types of sake yeast, paired with Row 14’s Power Ranger Meatball (each ingredient represents a different Power Ranger’s color:  pink – rabbit, white – pork, green – shiso, etc).


Judges on hand include:  Dahlia Singer of 5280 Magazine, Elizabeth Woessner  of The Main Course Radio Show Host, Ron Scovil of Summit Wine, Dan Rabin from Celebrator Magazine and James Burrus from  YellowScene Magazine

Here are a few of the dishes that will be served at the fest:

Chris Cina, Ghost Plate and Tap

Himalayan Salt and Pepper Crusted Lamb Loin Carpaccio

sherried bell pepper relish, Haystack Farms Queso de Mano

Pairing: Breckenridge Christmas Ale


Sheila Lucero, Jax

Monkfish Liver Torchon

lychee, black pepper, lime, sesame cracker

Pairing: Funkwerks Deceit 


Elise Wiggins, Panzano

Rabbit Gnocchi

Pairing: Prost Brewing’s Pilsner

Pastiche: baked pasta dish with handmade meatballs, cheese tortellini, cinnamon custard and savory pie crust.

Pairing: Prost Brewing’s Dunkel


Sean McGaughey, Opus/Aria

Beer Cheese Filled Tortelli with Vegetable Crudite

Pairing: West Flander’s Angry Monk


Taylor Drew, Russell’s Smokehouse

Smoked Lamb Neck Shepherd’s Pie w/ Goat Cheese whipped potatoes in a “Beeyond the Hive” honey whole wheat crust

Pairing: Elevation “Apis IV” Quadruppel

Spiced Carrot Cake with “First Cast” macerated golden raisins and cream cheese frosting

Pairing: Elevation “First Cast” IPA


Steve Jones, Tag Burger

Menage A Trois burger

beef slider with Grey Poupon Dijon mustard, sliced Gruyere cheese, “French onions,” and Kirby pickles

Pairing: Wit’s End Green Man Ale


Jensen Cummings, Row 14

The Power Rangers Meatball: (each ingredient represents a different power ranger’s color)

red: aka miso, yellow: Chinese spicy mustard, black: black garlic, green: shiso, blue: “balls,” pink: rabbit, and white: pork.

Pairing: Caution: Brewing’s The Green Tease infused with tea and fermented with sake yeast


Charcuterie from Il Mondo Vecchio will also be available.


 And more! Much more. Grab your tickets right now!



Event Details:

When:  Thursday, November 15, 2012 from 6 to 9:30pm

Where:  The Oriental Theater 4335 West 44th Ave

Tickets: $39 Advance/$49 Door

To purchase tickets visit:  www.chefandbrewfestival.com

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