The reCyclery Cafe set to open Nov. 16th.

The reCyclery, Capitol Hill’s newest bicycle shop, has only been open a few weeks and are already primed and damn near ready to open their extension– reCyclery Bicycle Cafe. Located on the northwest corner of 14th and Ogden, the reCyclery Bicycle Cafe will not only offer cyclists and Cap Hillers breakfast, lunch, and dinner bierocks, they will be serving up a raw bar packed with salad, veggie smoothie ingredients, and other health foods. During my chat with owner Brian Kleese, I was excited to hear that the reCyclery Bicycle Cafe will also have a beer and wine license. “We’re only going to serve Colorado coffee, food, wines, and beer,” says Brian. With four taps upon opening, Francis Rojas–a recent Johnson & Wales graduate, and free wifi, Brian and his partner Justin Worrell expects to bring an unparalleled level of customer service to the Capitol hill neighborhood.

And services of the reCyclery don’t stop at just its libations, food, and wifi. They plan to offer bicycle maintenance classes, and for those with cycle repair knowledge but not all the tools, the reCyclery will provide stalls and tools free of charge for you to work on your cycles. “We’ll have a bike valet. So we’re going to offer bicycle storage” said Brian. “For $15 per month, you’ll have unlimited access to your bike as long as we’re open. During that time you can come and get your bike whenever you want, and we’ll have a valet guy go down and get your bike. He’ll be pumping up the tires and lubing the chain–not just handing you your bike back.” This will be a service many of the Hill dwellers, much like myself, that are bicycle owners with limited storage in their homes will find valuable.

Keeping true to its name, the reCyclery Bicycle Cafe is being fashioned using all recycled goods, employed on both the cafe and bicycle sides of their quaint, reclaimed space. When asked what will separate their cafe from the rest, Brian feels that their quality and freshness of food, as well as their attitude towards their guests will set the bar. On November 16th, come on out, grab a beer or glass of wine and celebrate the opening of the reCyclery Bicycle Cafe with Brian and Justin.

The reCyclery Bicycle Cafe
1401 Ogden Street
Denver, CO
Monday – Sunday
Hours: 6am – 9pm
Free Wifi 

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  • Mike

    1/2 mile from Denver Bicycle Cafe? Same exact idea?

    • LeVar Battle

      Besides serving different neighborhoods, I’d say there are other differences. While I adore the Denver Bicycle Cafe, they don’t offer bikes sells or consignment as the reCyclery Bicycle Cafe does/will. Even with the close proximity, I think they both will bring different positives to their neighborhoods and bike enthusiasts, alike.

  • Paul Merrill

    Looks like an awesome idea! I wish it were closer to where I live.