Day Of The Dead, Tequila Weekend

Day of the Dead Tequila

Dia de los Muertos, celebrated after the eve of All Hallows, is a Catholic holiday mostly known for its Mexican ties here in the States. While the holiday is observed in many countries around the world, Mexico has the most well-known iconic imagery associated with the Day of the Dead; honoring loved ones who have passed with intricate altars, chocolate candy skulls and golden-orange marigolds. According to tradition, the deceased rise from the dead and visit with friends and family over the course of two nights, making tonight (November 2nd) the final evening to pay respects and celebrate with love ones who have passed. So, with the rich culture of Mexico and the timely event of this important holiday- tequila is the right choice for your evening and our risen guests. For our party, we chose an exceptional tequila: Piedra Azul Blanco.

Named after the turquoise gem, this tequila harvested from 100% blue agave retains some earthiness among the clear and crisp citrus you get from a really good blanco. Very drinkable, which is a good thing, as we all plan on drinking for two (if you count your loved ones from beyond the grave). The price point is a bonus as well, with a 750ml coming in under 20 “bones”. Many trendier bottles of blanco typically go for twice the cost.

I will be drinking with my grandmother tonight. She didn’t party much, but I heard stories about her getting wild in Reno on tequila. This one’s for you, grandma.

Disclosure: DOTW received a bottle of Piedra Azul and a sweet sugar skull for this writeup.

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