Pop Up Harvest Wine Dinner with Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg? Yes, Please!

Can’t get enough of Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg? I certainly can’t. And I’m not just speaking of his charm, but of his consistently fabulous product.  If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of enjoying a meal prepared by the Top Chef Season 5 winner, then I recommend you join me and fellow wine writer LeVar Battle, for this weekend’s “Pop Up Harvest Dinner.” The farm dinner will be Blackbelly Catering’s last of the season, and will be held Saturday, October 20th at Shannon Red Barn Farm in Lafayette, Colorado.

The cuisine won’t be the only special part of the evening. Hosea and Blackbelly Catering have paired up with Mike Joyce of Natural Wine Company to provide a curated selection of wines to pair with the outstanding menu.

I’m looking forward to tasting Mike’s pairings for this menu. Upon further research, ‘Natural Wines’ are defined as “being grown organically, harvested by hand and made with minimal intervention in the cellar.” With many popular wines, at all price ranges, being so heavily manufactured these days – I’m excited to explore the workmanship of the wines Mike has selected.

In particular, I’m intrigued by the 2011 Fuso Verdicchio di Matelica as a more appropriate white for the fall and winter season. As well, the Stafford Hill Eola-Amity Hills Pinot Noir sounds unique. Given that this wine writer is partial to big California Cabernets, the chance to pair new wines with seasonally appropriate dishes is always something to look forward to. Also on the list, a sparkling to kick off the evening, a nebbiolo paired with the lamb course and a ruby port to finish (I’m drooling already).

In preparation for the dinner, I asked Hosea a few questions about this dinner specifically, as well as his experience with wine.

How did you pick Mike Joyce to partner with you on these farm dinners?
I have been a friend, co-worker, and house-mate with Mike on and off for the past 10 years.  We have a lot of mutual respect for each other and I trust him 100%. He knows more about wine than most people in Boulder and I always love what he chooses to bring to our events.  His passion is clear when he talks wine.

Do you taste/approve the wines before they make the final cut for the dinner?
I typically talk through the menu/wine pairings with Mike beforehand and always try to taste, but ultimately I trust him.  He’s never missed.

What is your relationship with wine?
I love wine and am always trying to learn more.  I wouldn’t say that I was an expert (or anywhere close), but really enjoy pairing, tasting, and exploring wine whenever possible.

Preferred food/beverage pairings? (Beer, wine, spirits?)
When it’s a multiple-course dining experience, then it’s definitely wine.  However, I also love doing beer pairings.  I do a lot of spirit pairings with our hors d’oeuvres and for smaller bites.

If you could tell Denver Off the Wagon readers one thing about the event on 10/20 to encourage them to attend, what would it be?
This will be our last “Farm Dinner” of the season.  These are so much fun, the setting is amazing, and I can promise you there is nothing else out there quite like what we do.  It’s a priceless experience and I guarantee you will sign up for the next one!  

There are just a few spots left, so I encourage you to book your reservation for Saturday through blackbellycatering.com/events or by emailing Karen(at)blackbellycatering(dot)com.

At $100 inclusive of food and wine pairings, this farm dinner is a steal! Join us!



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