Denver Gets Dolly the Trolley In Time for GABF

What is Dolly the Trolley, you ask? Other than one of the most awesome ideas to come to Denver recently, Dolly the Trolley is a unique and fun way to experience the sites of Denver with a libation in hand. I recently had a chat with David Pike, owner of Dolley the Trolley and Mastermind behind Denver Trolley Co.  He had a lot to say about Dolley and what we can look forward to with her on the streets of Denver.

Where did your “party” trolley concept start?
Growing up in Chicago, you see at least 20 party trolleys every weekend night.  Upon visiting Denver a few times, I was surprised to see that no party trolleys existed.

Why did you choose Denver?
I chose Denver due to its young population, great bar scene, and lack of BYOB party trolleys.

How long has Dolly had her wheels down on the streets of Denver?
Dolly has been in operation for 3 weeks thus far in Denver.

What’s the cost our Wagon readers can expect when planning a night on the town with Dolly the Trolley?
Dolly is very reasonable.  She costs $350 for 2 hours and then $150 an hour after that.  If you have 30 people onboard, 3 hours would cost just $16 each!

Yes, any and all booze is allowed onboard…and the more the better.  People can bring beer, liquor, wine coolers,  moonshine, etc. Truthfully, partiers end up having so much on the trolley that they don’t even get out to go inside the bar during pub crawls!

How is Dolly different from party buses currently serving Denver? How do you feel Denver Trolley Co change the party bus scene for Denver?
Currently, there are no trolley party buses in Denver besides Dolly.  Dolly provides a unique and completely different experience.  As opposed to being in a dark/tinted window small bus, the trolley seating area is more conducive to conversation and dancing and the open windows provide a more fun experience.

Are there plans for more trolleys on the streets of Denver from Denver Trolley Co.?
Yes, we have one trolley now but hope to expand in the near future.

You’re based in Chicago. How difficult is it to run such an interesting concept remotely?
It hasn’t been too bad.  3 years ago, I started the New York Trolley Company so I’ve learned over the years how to run a business remotely.  The biggest help is having people on the ground who are reliable.  At Denver Trolley Co, we have the friendliest, reliable drivers.

Your NYC counterpart of the Denver Trolley CO has three trolleys — Molley, Polly, and Ollie. What’s the story behind the names? What others in this family of rhymes can we expect?
Correct.  In NYC, we have Molly, Polly, and Ollie.  At first, we were going for names that rhyme with trolley, but eventually we will exhaust all the possibilities haha.  Our plan is to run a competition to let one lucky patron name the next trolley!

What’s the wackiest booking you’ve had since starting your trolley concept?
The wackiest booking – so many to choose from haha.  Here’s a short list from the past few years – countless bachelorette parties, a Mexican independence day party, a 10 hour pub crawl, multiple parade bookings, and a wedding for an Olympic figure skater

Will we see Dolly on the streets celebrating GABF with the rest of Denver this weekend?
Yes, Dolly is still available for this weekend so please email us at to book!

For those of you that couldn’t get tickets to GABF 2012, you can get 33 of your closest friends together, rent Dolley, and show those GABFers that you too will get your drink on this weekend and have fun doing it.

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