Let’s toast to the old guard: Last call at Lancer Lounge tonight

An artist’s depiction of the deceased.

Update: We’ve received a statement from Frank Bonanno. “I think it’s always unfortunate when someone loses a business. It’s very sad. I wish her [Becky Conda – Lancer Lounge Owner] all the best, and I hope she has a great send-off tonight.” An insider of the Bonanno camp says that Frank has been supportive of Becky for many years. We love to see when a neighborhood can come together in times of hardship.


For those of you that drink in Denver, you have inevitably wandered into the institution that is Lancer Lounge.  Known since the ‘60s for its heavy pours, generous happy hour, and sassy bar staff, the Lancer is locking its doors tonight for the final time.

Much speculation abounds as to whether or not neighboring restaurant powerhouse Frank Bonnano had anything to do with their closing. Bonnano’s restaurant group sandwiches the Lancer with Mizuna on the west and Bones to the east.

According to a blog post on the Denver Post web site ‘Lauren Hendrick, a spokeswoman for Frank Bonanno’s restaurant group, said they were “not commenting” about potential plans for the Lancer space.’  The blog also stated the closure is due to missed lease payments by the Lancer.

Calls to the Lancer this morning were answered by tears and “no comments” as to the reason for the closure.

Join me and other Denver drinkers tonight. Let’s toast to the loss of one of the old guard, and celebrate the amazing Denver drinking culture.  For a tribute to the wonderfulness that is the Lancer, read this post from PJ Hoberman.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/SirNeilRobertson Neil Diamond-Armstrong Roberts

    What a shame. Sad to see it go.

  • Federali

    Lancer was seized by the state for not paying taxes. This was a lot more than a lack of rent payments. Do the homework.

    • denverwagon

      That information was released the day after this story came out. Thank you for reading.