Where to Feed your Drunky McDrunk Face After GABF

It’s 10pm.  GABF is over.  A tubby and annoyed security guard just calmly pushed your drunken ass out into the street. You are starving.  What are you going to do?   Well, first and foremost, remain calm. Remember that you have a smart phone device and have saved this handy dandy list I have prepared for you.  Consult your list, choose your option, go put some food into your drunk face.  Stave off hangover.  You are welcome.

There’s a map at the bottom if you just want pretty pictures.


Biker Jim’s. At night, skulls fly out of the sign right into your soul. Seriously. Go check it out.

So shit-faced that the most you can do is coordinate a few blocks worth of stumbling:

Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs –  Where else can you eat Rudolf in a sausage casing!
2148 Larimer Street, open until 10pm on Thursday, 3am on Friday and Saturday

CHeBA Hut – Put a toasted sub in your pie-hole.
15th and Champa, open until midnight 
Euclid Hall – Poutine and curry corn dogs, that is all you need to know.
14th and Larimer, open until midnight on Thursday, 1am Friday and Saturday  
Fresh Craft – I sometimes dream about their Rueben sandwich.
1530 Blake St, open until midnight on Thursday, 1am Friday and Saturday   

Illegal Pete’s Pork Carnitas and Potato burrito at 1am.  Pretty sure members of the royal family don’t have it as good.
1530 16th St, Denver, open until 2:30am

Marquis Pizza –  Mucho delicious white pie. Good, greasy, big slices.
20th and Larimer, open until midnight on Thursday, 2:30am Friday and Saturday
Paramount Café – A Denver institution and excellent 16th Street Mall people watching.
16th and Glenarm, open until 1am 
Rock Bottom Brewery – Corporate conglomeration at it’s finest.
16th and Curtis, open until 2am 
Row 14 – It is literally RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET.  And it’s delicious.  Just don’t be a belligerent a-hole.  This is a classy joint.
891 14th Street (14th and Champa), open until midnight  
Sam’s No 3 – Yes, a diner.  But they serve booze and some of the best breakfast burritos you have ever had.
15th and Curtis, open until 10pm on Thursday, midnight Friday and Saturday 
Two Fisted Mario’s – For all your pizza pie needs.
16th and Market, open until 3am 
Wazee Super Club – Great tap list and seriously the best tuna melt in all of Denver.
15th and Wazee, open until 1am 
Wynkoop Brewery – They have beer made with bull’s balls and amazing sausage.
18th and Wynkoop, open until 11pm on Thursday, midnight on Friday and Saturday  

Vintage Neon:  Pete's Kitchen, Denver CO

By joeberh on Flickr.

You might be three sheets to the wind but you have cab fare or the uber app:

Denver Diner vs. Pete’s Kitchen vs. Tom’s Diner

I know these are fighting words and I fully expect to get shanked some night outside of Star Bar for them, but hands down, Tom’s Diner is the superior 24 hour eats on Colfax.  Their crunchy French toast makes my nipples hard.  IT’S THAT GOOD.  The service is always spectacular, people watching unparalleled and most importantly, there is never a damn wait!
Denver Diner – Chicken fried chicken with green chile
740 West Colfax Avenue    
Pete’s Kitchen – Get the breakfast burrito special.
1962 East Colfax Avenue – Colfax and Race, opened 24 hours
Tom’s Diner – Try the crunchy French Toast!
601 East Colfax Avenue – Colfax and Pearl, opened 24 hours  
Barracuda’s – Loco polo skillet, fuckin’ a.
1076 Ogden Street, open until 2am on Thursday, 4am Friday and Saturday 
Mezcal – Need a taco and mule fix, head here.
3230 E. Colfax, open until 1am 
Steuben’s – Amazing comfort food and my favorite Cuban sandwich not coming from a Cuban restaurant.
523 E. 17th, open until midnight 

You found someone sober to drive your obnoxious drunk ass around town:
Jerusalem’s –  Make the pilgrimage. The hummus is some of the best in Denver, and chicken shawarmah to make all the middle east happy. Did I mention late night baklava? Fuck.  Yes.
1890 East Evans , open Thursday until 4am, and Friday & Saturday until 5am 
Tacos Rapidos – Authentic, cheap, delicious.  And they have TWO drive-thrus!
2800 W Evans Ave, open 24×7 
You are so wasted that the most you can offer the world is a balled up version of yourself calling out for your mommy.  And a valid credit card number. 

The majority of these places are in the Cap Hill area and have delivery zones, so don’t be a dick if you are not located in one. Thank the person on the phone, hang up, and look for something else.
D.P. Dough – Delivery until 3am
(303) 839-9663
Fat Jacks Subs – Delivery until 3am
(303) 830-7827
Fat Sully’s Pizza – Delivery until 2am
(303) 333-4440
Sexy Pizza – Delivery until 3am
Capitol Hill (303) 830-8111
Wash Park (303) 777-5878

Now that you are fed, please act responsibly and take your drunk ass to bed.  Sweet dreams, sunshine.

The above eating establishments are mere suggestions and I am sure some fine places have been left off the list.  If you find your favorite missing, please leave a comment.  Thanks!

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  • http://twitter.com/DenverHBC Chris Washenberger

    Don’t go in to Atomic Cowboy/Fat Sully’s after GABF unless the bartender is less drunk than you are. You will probably get into a small argument someone will get insulted and then you will get thrown out. Not that I would know about that or anything.

  • Josh

    Pub 17 in the Grad Hyatt three blocks from GABF serves food until 1:30, looks like they have some cool events too….

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