The really important debate: Which Colorado brewery makes the best hoppy beer?

Remember the DNC a few years back? Trying to drive anywhere? Attempting a conversation about the Nuggets and their victorious games but being drowned out by politics? Homeland Security’s eery presence that hasn’t really left yet? Today is going to feel similar.

The first Presidential Debate is today at DU. I-25 is closed. People who really, really, really care about such things are really, really, really caring about such things. And all you want is a beer.

Star Bar is offering a solution for both parties – both parties being those who really, really, really care, and those who really, really, really want a beer. The Hop Debates. Check this out:

While the two party candidates are talking it out at DU, we thought it would be more fun to answer a much more pressing question.  Which Colorado brewery makes the best hoppy beer?  To be a part of the solution, you have to be part of the process.  Grab a brew, avoid traffic, watch the debate, and help answer the really important questions.

The Can Tenders:
IPA – Avery
Ranger IPA – New Belgium
Righteous Rye IPA – Renegade
G’Knight Imperial Red Ale – Oskar Blues
Gubna Imperial IPA – Oskar Blues
Deviant Dale’s IPA – Oskar Blues
Modus Hoperandi – Ska

Drafting a Party:
Ale to the Chief – Avery
Dugana – Avery
CO Fresh Hop – New Belgium
CO Fresh Hop – Great Divide
Hercules Imperial IPA – Great Divide
Belgorado – Wynkoop

$3 Drafts, Cans $3 to $5.
Taster of all 13 $20

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PJ likes beer. A lot. And whiskey. Gin. Wine. Cocktails. Um.. what were we talking about?

  • Fred Nace

    No question – best hoppy beer and best IPA is in Colorado Springs at Trinity. Slap Your Mammy. Even the name is a grammatically correct stand alone sentence.

  • ‘][‘he ‘]^[‘orm

    Odell Brewing IPA… hands down best IPA

  • Eric Shepard

    I think Odell IPA is the best Colorado IPA I’ve had. There are a bunch of really good ones, but Odell has to be the best.

  • Aaron

    Odell IPA, hands down.

  • R. Duke

    I would have said Ska Decadent or Asher Hop Greenade.

  • CONK

    Odell IPA