Euclid Hall and Upslope Collaborate for GABF

March 3. Go to a bar in Denver. Ask for a beer list. You’ll find something awesome, and probably something new.

November 18. Go to a bar in Denver. Ask for a beer list. You’ll find something awesome, and probably something new.

Maintaining the status quo for beer in this town equates to never standing still, always having something unique to offer. And then GABF rolls into town and shakes everything up, making us drink even weirder, more different, more unique, and just more. It’s hard to keep up with all the different choices you have over the next week or two, but here’s one that stood out to us.

Euclid and Upslope collaborated on a Thai-inspired White IPA, specifically crafted for pairing with the creative that is Euclid’s menu. They’re tapping it next Wednesday, October 10, at 6pm at Euclid HAll. Details:

In celebration of GABF 2012, Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen and Upslope Brewing Co have collaborated on (Upslope White ThaIPA), a culinary inspired beer, to highlight the commitment to serving great food with great beer.

The project began when Euclid Hall’s Certified Cicerone©, Ryan Conklin, approached Upslope Brewing Co. to produce a beer that mimicked flavors of a Thai inspired curry dish and also mimicked the complexity and finesse of the food menu at Euclid Hall.  In order to know exactly what spices were to be used and just how “curry” we wanted the beer to taste, we visited a local highly acclaimed Thai restaurant in Boulder sampling all of their curries. We then deconstructed the specific flavors we wanted the beer to embody and began making a rough sketch recipe for this intricate beer.

Over the course of the two months leading up to GABF, the staff from Euclid Hall visited Upslope numerous times to aid in the develop and production of this one of a kind beer. We take great pride in their participation in brewing this Thai inspired White IPA. We hope you too will come to love this beer which can be found only at Euclid Hall and the Upslope Tap Room.

You can try this beer now at the Upslope Tap Room and in starting in Denver Wednesday, October 10th, 6pm at Euclid Hall for Upslope’s Special GABF Tapping Party, which will also feature Upslope’s Barely Wine, Wit, and Pumpkin Ale.

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