Wynkoop has shiny new sticks.. and balls.

The beer is a 7% Foreign Style Stout with an approximate 3 ball-per-barrel ratio.

This week Wynkoop Brewing Co. announced the impending release of their Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout.  The beer started out as an April Fool’s joke with a hilarious video, but the brewery decided to make the beer a reality.  The beer is a 7% Foreign Style Stout with an approximate 3 ball-per-barrel ratio.  The beer pours a rich dark almost black color with a gorgeous deep brown espresso-like head.  It will be tapped Monday, October 8th, at 5pm at ye olde Wynkoop.  The beer will only be available at the brewpub and the Great American Beer Festival.

In addition to the testy festy, Wynkoop also unveiled their new tap handles.  The tap handles are made by a local artist keeping in line with Wynkoop’s local community support way of being.

Read the full press release below.

On Monday, October 8 at 5 PM at Wynkoop Brewing Company, we are releasing a brand new and especially nutty beer: Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. Yes, we’ve turned our immensely popular April Fools Day joke into a reality.


The beer is a meaty foreign-style stout brewed with loads of dark malts, specialty grains and freshly sliced & roasted bull testicles. A special ultra-limited-release beer, it weighs in at 7% ABV and 3 BPB. (That’s balls per barrel.) In addition to our brewpub, the beer will be served at our table at the Great American Beer Festival next week.


Get full details at www.wynkoop.com . RMOS art and a photo are attached. See the video that started it all at http://www.wynkoop.com/beer/tv .


More news: For the past year we’ve been dreaming of new tap handles for our draft accounts. But instead of the made-overseas handles you see everywhere, we wanted tap handles made locally. So we could properly strut our “buy local” MO.


We now have our dream home-grown handles, they’re showing up at our draft accounts in the Denver/Boulder area. See a video about these ultra-cool, small-batch creations and read full details at http://www.wynkoop.com/beer/beer-blog.


One more thing: Last week the mighty Denver Post ran a wonderful feature that highlighted our efforts at expanding the Wynkoop beer list and shaking up the status quo here at the state’s first brewpub. Very exciting! Read Eric Gorski’s wonderful Post piece at http://www.denverpost.com/business/ci_21639049/wynkoop-brewing-co-denver-pushing-boundaries .


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