Enter through the red door. Black Shirt Brewing opens at 38th and Walnut.

DSC_2667 I entered the crowded room through the red door. I felt a twinge of anxiety, a skipped heartbeat, a missed step; I was about to experience something great. Chad Miller, his wife, Carissa, and his brother Branden have been perfecting their beer for four years, and finally, the day had come. On September 22, Black Shirt Brewing, at 38th and Walnut, opened its doors to an intimate crowd. Slinging beers to the beat of subdued music, the owners balanced pouring and greeting. BSB supporters, neighborhood peeps, and old friends alike all sipped from hand crafted glass goblets made by Mitch Bangert of Offero Glasses in Saratoga, Wyoming . The menu, resembling an amp sitting above the taps, listed the initial offering of four red ales: BSB Red Ale, Red Saison, Pale Red, and Imperial Red Rye IP.

BSB RED ALE | 6.5% ABV | 45 IBUs | 14 SRM PALE RED | 4.5% ABV | 30 IBUs | 11 SRM RED SAISON | 7.0% | 45 IBUs | 14 SRM IMPERIAL RED RYE IPA | 9.0% ABV | 82 IBUs | 15 SRM

BSB Red Ale is the staple that will never leave the menu. The brewers have been perfecting this masterpiece for four years, and although they will continue to tweak and vary hops or yeast strains, it will always be base for all BSB beers. With layers of caramel, bread, and toffee behind citrus and floral overtones, the BSB Red Ale easily becomes a complex crowdpleaser.


The tasting room much resembles a think tank, enlightened by a filled bookshelf , a record player, and a painting of Johnny Cash. The brothers, Branden and Chad, mastered the art of entertaining early in life. Growing up in Pueblo, they built a bar in the basement and threw quality parties for the town in their down time. They learned how to captivate and produce something excellent early in life. Those efforts reflect what they continue to bring into their community.


The design brings together elements both Pueblo/Westcliffe and the Rino District neighborhood with the wooden U-shaped bar and the contrast of red metal against the charcoal walls. The space masters a rustic-meets-modern industrial feel. The garage door will be rolled up again and open to the public just in time for the GABF. I’d advise you to get into Denver’s newest brewery and have a red ale on October 13th or anytime after. They are ready for you!