Breckenridge, Avery Brewing Dominate Olympics!

You haven’t seen Olympics until you’ve seen the Brewer’s Olympics. Track and field? What is that? Screw synchronized swimming, and screw Michael Phelps…no really, I would like to screw Michael Phelps. Where was I?  Oh yeah, Brewer’s Olympics!  For the second year in a row, Vine Street Pub hosted a veritable shit-show of a field day with 12 teams comprised of 10 brewers, a Vine Street customer team, and an Uptown neighborhood team competing for thrill of victory and sadly, the agony of defeat.  Have you ever seen a six foot tall guy on a tricycle?  There was a lot of agony. Here are the results of the day.

Hilarity ensued as grown people on tricycles tried to navigate the course, the only rule being the ass must make contact with the trike seat at all times–a rule that was skirted by some as they ran the course while holding the seat to their bum. In a stellar effort to redeem themselves from a crushing last place finish last year, Mountain Sun Brewing took this race.  Spoiler: victory will still elude them.  Next up was blindfolded brewers taking direction from partners to help the blind stack bags of grain.  Heavy bags. The outstanding leadership of the Breckenridge team helped them take this win.

Surprise winners of the the Bicep Bust, a stiff arm beer pitcher hold, was the Mountain Sun Customer team.  We all know that brewers never actually serve the beer they brew, so it was up to the customer team to show them up.  Followed by the Obstacle Course–a mash-up of corn hole, beer capping and some mushing about in mash, Wynkoop took this event.  The championship was up for the taking at this point.  A very sloppy Beer Transfer competition showed that anything with a concave-ish surface can be used as a beer vessel.  Shoes, hats, soaking rags.  Breckenridge scooped up the win and proved they are the team to beat.  Last but not least was the Carol Burnett event.  A leap frog and beer drinking competition. I am still struggling to understand the “Carol Burnett” reference, but it was a hoot to watch.  Avery came up big in this event.

Vine Street put on an amazing block party to celebrate not only the Brewer’s Olympics, but also the neighborhood. Over 3,500 people attended to provide atmosphere and a combined $10,000 donation to New Era Colorado.  Live music, delicious food, 36 different beers from 12 different breweries, and an absolutely gorgeous Denver day–I’m not sure the ancient Greeks had it so well.  And no one was gored by a chariot or had to wrestle naked.  Damn it.

No matter the final placement, you are all winners in our book!  Congratulations!

1. Breckenridge Brewing – 40 Points
2. Avery Brewing – 35 Points
3. Cannonball Creek – 25 Points (Won third by arm wrestling tie-breaker)
4. Wynkoop Brewing – 25 Points
T5. Mountain Sun Brewery – 15 Points
T5. Mountain Sun Customer Team – 15 Points
7. Oskar Blues Brewing – 10 Points
T8. O’Dell Brewing – 5 Points
T8. Boulder Beer – 5 Points
T8. Uptown Neighborhood Team – 5 Points
T11. Twisted Pine Brewing – 0 Points
T11. Renegade Brewing – 0 Points
T11. Upslope Brewing – 0 Points
T11. Great Divide Brewing – 0 Points
Photo Credit: Sean Buchan
For a photo recap, hit up his webpage – it’s pretty awesome. 

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