Cigars, Wine, and Haircuts? Where Can I Sign My Man Up?

Inside Bar Las Palmas there is something in the air, something other than cigar smoke. There is an air of an era long gone. An era where sophisticated gentleman enjoyed the finer things in life–a perfectly rolled cigar; a glass of wine; and talked about things that sophisticated gentlemen talk about. I knew immediately this was the perfect spot to start my new series on hidden wine bar gems, tucked away in the neighborhoods of Denver.
Stashed on the same block with some  better known establishments like Twelve Restaurant and Star Bar, Bar Las Palmas is the ultimate man cave–that is if you’re the type of man who enjoys Sinatra while you puff and sip. This triple manly threat (cigars, wine, and barber shop) seems to have mastered the quiet respectability that comes from taking pride in what you do.

Walking in, I wasn’t quite sure how my feminine presence would be received,  but I immediately felt welcome. The ambiance and character of the spot made me wish I resembled Katharine Hepburn…and also that I smoked cigars. The owner, Clay Carlton, is a Master Cigar Roller (the only one in a five state radius, I’m told) and apparently, also give a mean shave in the vintage barber shop chairs at the back corner of the shop. The humidor is filled with hard to find, reasonably priced, boutique cigars with tobacco coming from the Dominican Republic. All of their wines are local Colorado offerings, which you don’t see often. Due to licensing restrictions, they only offer wine. The list is mostly comprised of cabs and red blends with a few white options and a port; they also offer wine and cigar pairing suggestions, which I think is brilliant.

Terry, who was tending the shop when I came in, said the people are what make Bar Las Palmas so special to him. “I’d say we have the best clientele in town. Everyone is just so nice. I don’t do this for the money. I do this because of the people I meet” Terry adds,  “and Clay is cool as hell.” Terry says when their isn’t a game on, he likes to put black and white movies on the t.v. above the bar, and Sinatra is the station of choice for added ambiance. Big, comfy leather chairs and vintage lighting put the final touches on this throw back space. Terry also ensures me that plenty of women enjoy coming in for a cigar and glass of wine, and I believe him considering how cozy and inviting the space is. Bar Las Palmas isn’t for everyone, but thats what I love about it, because it’s just right for someone.

Stop in for a cigar, glass of wine, haircut, or all of the above. Also, keep them in mind for your next special event, they cater tailor rolled cigars!

Bar Las Palmas
2207 Larimer St.
Denver, Colorado

Tue-Thu 4 pm – 10 pm
Fri 4 pm – 12 am
Sat 12 pm – 12 am
Open on Sundays through the Rockies season

  • Paul

    I live right down the street from this place, never thought about coming in I read this. Thanks.

    • Jessica Taylor

      Thanks Paul! Glad I could help you find a gem in your hood.Let us know what you think if you check it out.