Tanteo Tequila Giveaway: Cocoa

As promised, we’re giving away a bottle of Tanteo Cocoa today. How can you say no to sweet, spicy and chocolate-y goodness?

Tanteo Cocoa is fantastic on the rocks with an orange peel garnish, but I’m offering up a White Mayan cocktail recipe today. Think white russian, just…Tanteo Cocoa style.

White Mayan
2 oz. Tanteo Cocoa Tequila
1 oz. Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
1 oz. Heavy Cream
Cinnamon stick

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice.
Shake well and strain into an ice filled rocks glass
Garnish with cinnamon stick

For a chance to win a bottle of Tanteo Cocoa Tequila, just enter the raffle below.

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Mildly hilarious social media manager, blogger, #chocobear, and script/copywriter that's also a momma's boy. Also, I occasionally drink wine and write about it. Pinky up!

  • Jennifer Hensley

    Tequila? Oh my. I remember the slow days at the ski shop I managed in Texas (yup – ski shop in Texas, you read that right) when we would drink in the back office. One particular day included tequila and scaring old people at Furr’s next door…

    • levarbattle

      You had it sold with scaring old people. Win! Also, quit playing. There are ski shops in Texas?

      • Jennifer Hensley

        Wahoo! I worked at a ski shop in Amarillo for 6 years and surprisingly they do well there. Although the one I managed went straight downhill <— you see what I did there?

  • http://timbrauhn.com/ timbrauhn

    I’m leaving the cinnamon stick OUT in that recipe. Cinnamon is for snorting to start to my morning.

    • levarbattle

      Are you telling me cinnamon is the best part of waking up?

      • http://timbrauhn.com/ timbrauhn


  • http://twitter.com/dulcedementia Kelly Tidd

    There’s this place down the street from me (Emilio’s) that has $1.75 Margaritas Thursday-Saturday from 4- close. They do NOT mess around with tequila levels in these things.

    One of the last times I went, I reached their limit of four, somehow convinced the server to sell me a fifth, then proceeded to make besties with the table of gents next to me.

    They tell us they’re going to JRs, so my friend and I are all, “Why not, it’s Thursday, but we’re already wasted, so let’s just keep going!”

    P.S. Thursday night used to be 75 cent beer night. You can see where I’m going with this.

    Cut to three hours later and I’m walking through the drive though at the McDonald’s on Colfax, jumping up and down on what I’ve decided are the sensors that let employees know that there’s someone waiting at the drive thru. When, in fact, they were simply ignoring me.

    I eventually got my drunken fry fix, but not before trying everything else to get those GD McDonald’s employees to LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TRYING TO PLACE A WALK THROUGH ORDER IN YOUR DRIVE UP SYSTEM!

    • levarbattle

      Ummm, ma’am, you’re cut off. From the McDonald’s walk-thru and from to-kill-ya.

  • http://twitter.com/whiskeynikki Nikki

    The last time I had more than one tequila was in St. Louis a few years ago. It was Santarchy, the epic 14 hour bar crawl with 50 or 100 of your favorite Santas. While the smart people came for a few hours or a neighborhood and then left the Santa herd, I am not so smart and committed to doing the entire 14 hour day. We started at 11 AM. Even though I eased into the day with beer, I was on to whiskey within a few hours. Around 4, it seemed like an excellent idea to do tequila shots. Fast forward to 1 AM, and I am good and tequila drunk – which means lots of yelling, poor dancing, and general drunky exuberance. When the bar closed, though exhausted, I managed to sing jiggle bells (loudly, badly) while we walked to a friend’s place to crash.

    Best part of all this, is that after a truly epic day of drinking and being Santa, I had to be up at 7 AM to get on the road back to Denver. 12 hour road trips are way not fun when you’re THAT hung over.

    • levarbattle

      I’m impressed this story wasn’t accompanied with regaling hints of puking. You’re like a drinking machine.

  • BB

    We were married in Cozumel, Mexico. A group our family and friends went on a tour of a tequila factory. You weren’t supposed to have more than a few small samples. A uncle, I won’t name names, had a bit more than the authorized amount. The story ends with a rented volkswagon beetle in a pothole the size of a kiddy pool and some delicate explaining to Mexican police officers.

    • levarbattle

      That’s gonna be a story to tell the children someday. Family! LOL

  • Manda Overturf

    I don’t have a memory, but I would love to make one with the bottle you are giving away!!

    • levarbattle

      You get an A+ for that statement. I’ll be announcing the winner soon.

  • Carrie

    Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.