Break Out Another White Wine. Summer Isn’t Over Yet.

Summer isn’t over yet, so I figured I’d share a little wine that’s inexpensive ($9.99 – Argonaut Wine & Liquor) and great to accompany your late summer bbq(s). Joni Klippert and I shot this quick tasting video over the 4th of July, and it seemed lonely sitting by itself, with no eyes on it, over the Denver Off the Wagon YouTube page.

Marchese Guadagni Orvieto Classico Superiore 2010 is from the Umbria region of central Italy. The interesting thing about this wine, other than it’s great profile, is that the Marchese family has roots right here in the Denver metro area. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Sterling Guadagni about his family’s wine. He told me about how the family has been in the wholesale business since 1933, as well as how during the mid-90s his family decided to contact distant relative in Florence, Italy to see about producing wine. Well, one thing led to another and today they are offering up a DOCG Chianti and their Arielle–a super-tuscan blend.

During our conversation, Sterling told me one of the best wine stories I think I’ve ever heard. Wanna hear it? I thought so. This wine-making, extended family started with the Torrigiani line. The Torrigiani family was making wine in Italy and raising families. As the last son in the Torrigiani blood line came of age and began his family, he was faced with a dilemma: all daughters. To carry on the Torrigiani name, he gave one of the daughter’s hand in marriage to a Guadagni son. The only caveat was that this Guadagni son was to take the last name of his betrothed. Since this Guadagni son wasn’t the first born, no one really saw this being a big issue. (Progressive, right? No wonder they are making such a fantastic, yet affordable wine now. Ahead of their time!) When the dust had settled, the Guadagni son came out a new…Torrigiani. And the rest is history.

I hope you are able to go out and grab a bottle of the Marchese soon. It did wonders for our mini-vacay into the mountains over the 4th of July. Cheers!


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