Imbibe Denver Presents: 80’s Themed Roller-Disco with a spiritous pre-party at Mile High Spirits

Those words in the title are all real, strung together to form a phrase of merriment and reckoning.

  • 80’s.
  • Roller disco.
  • Spiritous. (That means booze, people. Booze!)
  • Mile High Spirits.
  • Imbibe Denver.

Details from the mouth of the imbiberous:

Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, all your dreams have come true. We’re going to start the night at Mile High Spirits. MHS is one of the best new places in Denver. Known for their spirits, infusions and moscow mules, this taproom is one of our favorite places to hang. After the sauce, we’ll walk over (it’s a whopping 5 blocks) to the Exdo Center where Down & Derby is throwing their monthly roller disco. Again, yes, roller disco. Skating, throwback jams, booze, you name it. The ‘theme’ is 80’s summer camp so summer camp tramps, short shorts, tube socks, lacoste polos, etc. Or just get real 80’s with it! Imbibe tickets include 2 drinks at Mile High Spirits and full access to the Down and Derby event for only $20.

We’ve got two pairs of tickets to give away. Good luck, and see you Friday night. And check out Imbibe Denver.

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