The Brown Palace Releases New Brew with Wynkoop to Commemorate Hotel’s 120th Anniversary

Press Release:

The Brown Palace’s 120th anniversary is this weekend. To honor the celebration the hotel has teamed up with Wynkoop Brewing Company to create a new signature brew – the 1892 Artesian Lager. Now on tap in The Brown’s Ship Tavern, the beer is made with water from the hotel’s artesian well and is a neo-retro flavor designed to echo the first beers ever served at The Brown.

Highly seasonable and designed for summer drinking, 1892 Artesian Lager is a crystal-clear filtered beer with a straw color, a substantial snow white head, and  champagne-like effervescence. It has subtle flavors of blonde malts and oats, a delicate sweetness, and restrained hops. It’s a very quaffable 4% ABV. This is the second beer Wynkoop has brewed for the Brown Palace. Last fall Wynkoop brewed Rooftop Honey Saison, a Belgian-style saison that was crafted with honey from the Brown’s rooftop beehives. Wynkoop will brew that beer again this fall.

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