TRVE Brewing Company: Grand Opening Recap & What’s on Tap

It was a hot Wednesday afternoon but the bar was packed during the grand opening of TRVE Brewing a couple of weeks past.  The dark, heavy metal-themed space was offset by sunlight streaming through the large windows that look out on Broadway.  TRVE’s narrow but long communal area is accentuated by a large wooden table that invites patrons to enjoy each others’ company.  Even with beers named after hard rock songs like Wanderlust (Baroness) and Tunnel of Trees (Deafheaven) and a decor to match, the feeling in the brewery is still inviting to all.

I visited TRVE again the next Sunday and Wednesday and, while it wasn’t quite as busy as opening night, the bar was still full of patrons and the bartenders already knew quite a few regular customers.  TRVE was almost too busy in it’s opening week and there was a sign seen on the door the following Monday that read, “We are closed today because you people drink too much beer!”  However, there are certainly worse problems to have than selling “too much” beer and, Nick Nunns, the owner/head brewer at TRVE is very excited about what’s happening.

    “I’m super stoked with how strong we’ve started. People are really loving the place and digging on the beers. We got hit super hard on day one and we’ve been reeling ever since, but the cold room’s filling back up and the fermenters are staying full, so I think we’ll be in a good place in the weeks to come.”

Though they are using a fairly small brewing system, Nick is filling fermenters as fast as possible and all the beer is already back on tap with new tap handles opening up soon.

Here is what is on tap currently:

Wanderlust: This Belgo-American Pale Ale is true to style.  You can really taste the Belgian yeast though it is thoroughly complimented by a bouquet of hoppy goodness.  The Wanderlust is my favorite beer on tap so far.

Black Cascade: An India Black Ale that roasty malt lovers will appreciate.  The dark sugars come through in a way that is almost smokey.  Though there are surely a lot of hops, they are on the palate as a balance to the malt rather than being a hop bomb.

Prehistoric Dog: The style on this one is one that you may not have heard of.  It is listed on the brew board as a “Salted Wheat Beer” which is surely inspired by the Gose style of sour German salted beer from long ago.  Nick’s new twist on this style is  interesting though, as the typical wheat beer adjuncts like coriander and citrus play well with the Hawaiian black lava salt.  If you are looking for something unique, this is the brew for you.  It’s refreshing, but makes your brain think a little bit after every sip.

The Tunnel of Trees:  A classic American IPA with a balanced hop character.  The big maltiness in this brew balances the hops and almost makes me think imperial even though it doesn’t have the abv to back up the claim.  Think earthy and vegetal with an appropriate bitterness when sipping on this one.

I stopped by again today and saw a cryptic and hard to read reference to some kind of India White Ale at the bottom of the draft board.  Sounds interesting and it should be on tap in the next couple of weeks so get your taste buds ready!


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  • James

    Good article.  However, I highly doubt that Nick would ever name a beer after a Megadeth song.  If I had to guess, it’s probably named after the Baroness song from their Red Album.

  • Joshrapp

    Thanks James,
    We’ll fix that!