Breckenridge Brewery’s 22nd Anniversary Party

On Saturday, Breckenridge Brewery celebrated their 22nd anniversary as a brewery at their Kalamath location. If you ever wanted to party in a brewery’s cooler, then this was the party for you.

For just $22, we got unlimited beer and a BBQ pig roast. I might have shown up a little late, but I still got a good five hours of beer drinking and dancing in before the rain hit.

Breckenridge’s trademark beers were all available on tap including Avalanche, 471 IPA and my favorite the Agave Wheat. After one Agave Wheat, I switched to Summer Bright; it is summer after all.

Cruising around the main party shenangians outside, my friends and I headed inside into the beer storage cooler to cool down. Along the way, we stopped for a taste of the Agave Wheat infused with strawberries. This beer was delicious! Yes, I love wheat beers and fruit in my beer.

The party in the beer cooler was any craft beermans wet dream. Imagine sipping on your favorite beer, while being surrounded by cases and kegs of that same beer, all while rocking out to the jams on a radio circa 1990.

Breckenridge let all party-goers get up close and personal in their brewing process. Guests had access to just about every single square inch of the brewery. Every corner was filled with people drinking and chatting and drinking some more.

The afternoon rain could not even stop this party. We crowded under the tents, in hallways and on the steps to the whirlpool. There were some really great bands out there all day long keeping us moving as we continued to drink into the early evening.

This party was the perfect way to spend a hot summer afternoon during a thunderstorm. I would say that as beer celebrations go, for a seven hour beer event, this one gets top ratings.

If you missed out this year, make sure to mark your calendar for next year. Breckenridge loves to throw an awesome anniversary party every year. Each year, the party costs the age they are turning – this year the cost was $22, next year it will be $23.

About Alexandra Weissner

Alex loves craft beer, whiskey and brunch. She has a weakness for Champagne and Prosecco. She also likes to run a lot.