Tomorrow (Tuesday) go check out The Cove at Star Bar. It’s a bar port. There are things there.

I know, I know, we write about Star Bar a lot. Well, we like it.

Ok I like it. A lot.

And now it’s even better! The Cove is open now. It’s out back on the patio – did you know they had a patio? – and it’s covered, but open, with misters, and a couch, and crazy fucking drinks. And Britt Henze is back there, surveying the whole operation and breaking kneecaps when appropriate. As Justin, the owner, likes to say: “Fuck rooftops. Bar port, baby. Bar port.”*

* Note: That may not be a direct quote.

Tuesdays are super special at The Cove. They’ve got a grill set up, a kiddie pool, and Matty Durgin mixing the punch. Bring your own meat, cook it on the grill, chill your feet, and drink some punch. This is a thing you can do tomorrow at The Cove.

Frozen things of phallic nature! Mmmmm!

Check out these frozen and liquid things to put in your mouth:

  • Watermelon / Ginger
  • Coca mole fudesicle
  • Orange strawberry banana
  • Blackberry lemonade
  • Hawaiian hulk
  • Cucumber kiwi thyme lime
  • Guanabana

I may have made some of these up, but I don’t think I did.

Anyway, do this. That is all.

It’s green. It must mean it’s healthy. Order two!

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