Club W: Discovering Wine You Like

If you’ve wanted to dive into the world of wine and can’t really figure out where to start, never fear, Chocobear is here. (For the record, I’m Chocobear. No really, my Twitter profile says so.)

Let me introduce you to Club W: an online community that connects wine lovers directly to boutique vineyards. Since July of 2011, Club W has been delivering Experiences to door steps and wowing enthusiasts and novices alike. I’m guessing you’d like for me to get on with it and deliver information that’s relevant for you and your desire to explore the world of wine, right? Fine. Simmer down. I’m getting there.

Not a wino? Don’t worry. Hey, they have curators.  The site offers a palate profile to help their curators tailor recommendations based on your tastes. Once in the palate profile, you are asked a series of six multiple choice questions ranging from “How do you like your coffee?” and “How do you feel about salt?” to “Do you like citrus?” and “How adventurous are you when it comes to food & drink?” At the end of the day, their goal is to present you with a better way to buy wine and create a learning experience.



For the avid sipper that buys wine with knowledgeable purpose? Well, you have two choices: you can the play the odds, let the palate profile be your guide, and see where the dice land -OR- you can jump right in, pick the grapes, regions, etc. you’re most familiar with, and place your order. (Either way, I’m betting you’ll win.)

And because Club W is “guaranteed to make you happy,” they work hard to ensure you don’t walk away with a sour taste in your mouth (no pun intended…or is it?). Each membership is commitment free–cancel or skip an Experience whenever you like–and Club W will replace or refund anything that you don’t like.

The best part of the Club W Experience is, hands down, the learn as you drink feature. When you’re at home, uncorking your latest delivery, and saying to yourself “how in the hell am I supposed to know what this wine is about?”, there’s an app for that! (Ugh, I’m so mad at myself for writing those last five words. Forgive me?) Android users, I apologize. My research gleaned that, at the moment, there is only an iPhone app. Boo hiss! iPhone users, simply open the app, scan the QR code (can be found on every bottle) and enjoy the show. Each wine Club W carries is accompanied by a video featuring one of their curators presenting you with tasting notes and other background information including producer history, region highlights, and varietal tidbits. In the video below, you’ll find Denver’s very own Aaron Foreman, Owner – Table 6, and one of Club W’s famed curators.

So, if you want to stay curled up in the comfort of your home, drink great wine, and learn in the process, Club W is where it’s at. On the other hand, feel free to jump out and explore some of Denver’s finest restaurants as they are known to host wine dinners here and there. Before I forget, you’re welcome.

Now drink some wine!

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