Opening Weekend: The Cove @ Star Bar

As you may already know, we love Star Bar. It is a magical place where dreams come true. However, I hear- especially in the summer months, that people would rather be outside on a patio than in the awesome and dark booze-soaked vortex that is the place we like to call “home.” My pasty and frail complexion is just fine in the depths of the shadows, but yes, I get that some people crave to be in the outdoors. Well, my friends, today is your day. After a ton of hard work (mostly done by Britt – sorry Justin), and a quick turnaround, a new bar has come to life in Star Bar’s back patio. Dubbed the “Cove”, you swashbucklers now have a great spot to enjoy the weather and wield some amazing classic cocktails with the expected Star Bar twist. This weekend’s drink menu is the brainchild of Britt Henze, who has done a stellar job with the lineup and has included a few surprises to help you beat the heat.

In an amazing triumph over temperature and solid liquid states of alcohol slush, boozy otter-pops will be available in several flavors, including Fudge-cicle and what you see listed in the photo below. Yes. Get fucking excited. And show up on Saturday, June 30 with your drinking pants on (pants optional).

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