Great Divide Celebrates 18 Years of Brewing Damn Good Beer

On Saturday, Great Divide Brewing Company celebrated their 18th Birthday at the brewery with a good ol’ fashion block party.  They busted out plenty of silly beers to go along with other Great Divide year-round and seasonal beers.  1500 people attended the sold-out event to celebrate as Denver’s largest brewery transitioned into adulthood.  We had a hell of a good time and we hope you did too.  Here are some thoughts by the Wagon crew:


I say this often, but Great Divide knows how to party. “The new tank farm taking up too much of our party space? Let’s close down even more of the street this year.” Beer tents, food trucks, and a full stage occupied Arapahoe between 22nd and Park, and beer lovers flowed through the street and brewery on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I was fool enough to arrive late, thereby missing most of the special sauce, but I did get a sip of the Maker’s Mark barrel-aged Yeti, some more of the 18th Anniversary, and a helping of a few other offerings. Yeti again, Great Divide threw a rocking party. If you missed this one, STOP DOING THAT and go to their next party.


This was my first Great Divide birthday bash and boy howdy did I have a swell time!  So many friendly faces, good food, and fantastic beer.  Among my favorites were the berliner weisse, the Heaven Hill yeti and the Maker’s Mark yeti. I like sour and whiskey finished imperial stouts, who knew?  My other favorite part of the day, seeing a stand up bass painted green and purple.  That shit made my heart skip a beat.


Great Divide is an ADULT!

Saturday Great Divide celebrated like the always do…big, bold, and fun!  This time however their brewery is 18 and old enough to vote and buy porn! I talked  to owner Brian Dunn about his journey and if their great beer wasn’t inspiring enough, listening to him talk about almost closing to having beer in Sweden, sure is. Did I mention there was beer? All the staples were available in the tap room or one of the satellite bars along with some special one-offs.  A few stood out in style, in quality and one just in pure hilarity!  Clayton Bigsby, yes the black white supremacist from the Dave Chappelle Show, had a Tripel brewed in his honor.  Maker’s Mark aged Yetti was maybe not appropriate for a 90 degree day, but when has good beer ever tried to be appropriate?  Leipzig Gose, that’s right, SALT beer made an appearance as well.  I have to say, though, that the highlight for me was that they had very wisely sat on some Colette and I got a few more sips before it is truly gone for the year.  I may have to mention to Mr. Dunn, again that Colette needs to be a year-rounder.  Let’s see if Great Divide takes heed.  A block party is always a good idea, but when its for Denver’s born and raised Great Divide and we get to drink as much of their beer as our hearts desire…insert superlative here!

Have a great story about the anniversary party?  Favorite beers?  Leave it in the comments.

Here are the rest of my shots from the event:

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    Some great photos! I will have to make it to the next party.