National Bourbon Day

Raise your glasses to Bourbon. Perhaps the most iconic American spirit, this whiskey has a rich history and takes advantage of our beloved corn. The celebration also coincides with Flag Day, which is certainly no coincidence. ‘Merica!

Please share with us your favorite Bourbon and how you like to drink it!

About Jim Halligan

Jim is a modern day conquistador. When not teaching his three parrots to speak Italian, he spends time poking flags in things and calling them his own.

  • Helliemae’s Caramels

    I need to go hang out on the porch under my flag and drink bourbon right now.

    • Jim Halligan

      That sounds fantastic. What kind?!

      • Helliemae’s Caramels

         Well, since it’s FLAG DAY and all, I think OVW is in order.

        • Rey Sarion

           I like your drink of choice! It will be PVW 15 for me tonight. 🙂

  • Zaphod137

    Can’t go wrong with Buffalo Trace. Great Bourbon at a great price. If I’m feeling a little more decadent, I do Stranahan’s (not bourbon, I know) 🙂

  • Djy

    Basil Hayden, one ice cube. Perfect.