Thoughts from the Front Line of the TRVE Brewing CVLT

Me to all my friends: “Hey, who wants to get up at 6:00 am and go wait in front of TRVE Brewing for the growler sales.  You know, we can recreate camping out for concert tickets before there was an internet. It will be super fun!”

All of my friends: “No.  Also, there was always an internet so what the fuck, Shel!”

(Note to readers: my friends are significantly younger than I am and have no concept of camping out in the North Valley Mall parking lot for four days for Pink Floyd tickets. Damn kids.)

Eventually, I did convince my two BFFs and one mostly stranger to get out of bed early and support a remarkable guy doing an incredible thing.  Conditionally, of course.  We moved the time to 8:00 am and I had to promise them breakfast would happen first.

We arrived at TRVE promptly at 9:15 and secured the only shaded spot of the sidewalk.  A perfect patch outside of Johnson’s Moving Company, just a door south of TRVE.  We spread a smalanket (small blanket, ya’all!) and the four of us busted out the Yahtzee.  You heard me, competitive street Yahtzee.  As if a good game of Yahtzee isn’t enough, the looks on people’s faces as they walked by trying to figure out what we were doing and why we were doing it was priceless.  Like people have never seen a group of well dressed, clean kids playing Yahtzee on an expensive blanket in the middle of a Broadway sidewalk before!  THAT IS HOW WE ROLL!


Owner Nick Nunns is pleased to see a line AND Yahtzee - Photo by Sean Buchan


By about 10:00 am, and as if drawn by the magical smell of hops and barley, other people starting showing up to join the wait.  Sure there was a healthy representation of FONs (friends of Nick Nunns, owner) but there was also a healthy showing of strangers, drawn only by their love of beer and eternal support of Colorado based breweries. Watching the line grow longer and longer as the seconds ticked closer the noon opening was my favorite part.  The supportive beer community in Denver is really amazing.

Noon arrived and I was still holding onto first position due to my skilled ability to say “hey, jackass, line forms at the rear!”  Okay, just kidding.  I politely directed the people behind me so that they may lynch potential line cutters as they saw fit.  I am talking to you, Colorado Beer Man.  The doors open and you walk into a small space: narrow but long, dark grey and black on the walls. Some sort of unidentifiable metal (I am punk rock, damn it!) on the speakers, and a Nick so full of proud, parental joy he could barely contain himself.  A long, very welcoming wood table set up will all 266 growlers to be sold awaited us.  I can see a future of that table filled with neighborhood folks and beer lovers/snobs alike. The bar is equally long, plenty of spaces to chat up the bartenders and fellow stool occupiers.  Kettles and mash tons proudly on display in the back, this space is perfect for the neighborhood gathering it is designed to be.


The Growers Await their new Owners - Photo by Sean Buchan


With much anticipation and a giddy, no sleep attitude, I gave up the very first dollars that TRVE Brewing made and walked away with growler #1.  It may sound silly, but there is something about being a part, albeit a very SMALL part, of something that you have watched grow for over a year.  Nick took my signed twenty dollar bill, framed it with his occupancy license, and put a smile on my face that will last a while.  Knowing that my bill could end up with the next generation of TRVE brewers and perhaps several next generations of brewers, makes this beer lovin’ girl giggle like a Justin Bieber lovin’ 12 year old.  And the beer…oh the beer!  Wanderlust is going to be my go-to summer beer!

The Perks of Being First in Line


With apologies for girl-a-fying his super duper, hard core, death metal brewery, a huge thank you to Nick Nunns.  Thanks for bringing an amazing space to an already amazing neighborhood.  Thanks for the incredible beer that is going to come out of this space. And thanks for the upcoming conversations, laughter, new friends and cheers to be had at TRVE.

I, for one, am pretty damn excited!

Additional Thoughts:

Sean Buchan: Saturday was a blast.  It’s such an incredible feeling watching someone succeed at something they’ve poured themselves into for months and months.  Nick and the rest of the crew at TRVE did such an amazing job planning the CVLT (initiation?) party.  The growlers look fantastic (thanks to the graphic design of Snowblinded), the tap room spoke to Nick’s heavy metal influence, and Wanderlust, TRVE’s flagship beer, was fantastic.  Speaking of Wanderlust, I love the names Nick came up with for their starting lineup.  Prehistoric Dog, Black Cascade, Tunnel of Trees, and Wanderlust… so good and not a single hop-pun among them!  Cheers to Nick, Will, Monica, and the rest of the TRVE crew for a tremendous open house, I can’t wait for the Grand Opening on June 27th!

Jim Halligan: I am really excited for Nick, and expect it to be much thrashier at the grand opening. Also the beer was really good.

TRVE opens June 27th.  I highly recommend you go to there.

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