Fantastic Pour: The Geekiest Beer on Earth

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s a clichéd phrase to introduce any article pertaining to superheroes!  No, it’s Fantastic Pour—the shamelessly geeked-out collaboration between Breckenridge Brewery and the folks sponsoring the inaugural Denver Comic Con.

What kind of hero is Fantastic Pour?  At 4.5% ABV, this American-style wheat beer isn’t exactly the Incredible Hulk.  It’s more like Spider-Man: lithe, smooth, but, according to Breckenridge rep Matt Eldridge, packing “a thrilling burst of super flavor.”

Fantastic Pour’s main superpower is the ability to refresh a thousand scorched throats, but it also has the lesser-known ability to turn normal, beer-drinking citizens into illiteracy fighters.  The Denver Comic Con is backed by Comic Book Classroom, a non-profit organization that seeks to get kids reading through an afterschool comic book-reading program, and proceeds from the Con will help the organization go national.  In an assembly rivaling The Avengers, Breckenridge teamed-up with Comic Book Classroom to bring awareness of the program to the beer geek community.

When a comic book kills off a beloved character, it’s usually a publicity stunt; the hero always returns in later issues.  Not so with Fantastic Pour; when its last keg is kicked, it’s gone for good.  Fear not, citizens, for Breckenridge plans on bringing out a new masked vigilante for each subsequent Denver Comic Con.

You can grab a pint of Fantastic Pour at the Con which is being held at the Colorado Convention Center from June 13th-17th.  Can’t attend?  Try it at any of these fine establishments.  Warning: Fantastic Pour’s batch size is top secret; nobody can predict when it might run out so seek it out before it’s too late.


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