Winestyr adds Colorado with Canyon Wind Cellars

After launching in January of 2012, is quickly becoming a mecca for wine enthusiasts around the country. They provide a less common approach to the “one deal at a time” idea, offering one supplier’s entire portfolio for several days. Starting today, Winestyr is adding their first Colorado winery, Canyon Wind Cellars, to their collection of 44 producers.

Winestyr is highlighting Canyon Wind Cellars from now through June 3.

Bob Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO

Some Wagon readers might find this intriguing, but this is not the only connection Winestyr has to Colorado. All three founders are graduates of CU-Boulder, class of 2006. After graduation, they pursued various careers, but ultimately their connection through CU brought them to form Winestyr. Bob Wilson heads the team, bringing a passion for wine as well as proven professional experience in the wine industry. His brother, John Wilson, earned a Bachelor’s degree in advertising at CU and then continued his education, earning both a JD and MBA at Loyola-Chicago, now specializing in alcohol law, working to help relax regulations on the wine industry. The final member of the team, Scott Washburn, began working at Groupon, and now applies that background to Winestyr as the Director of Sales and Business Development.

Winestyr is excited to bring Colorado into their constantly growing collection of producers, expanding their footprint to 5 states. Colorado has always been a territory of interest for the team, citing that consumers in the state have a strong interest in supporting local businesses providing a high quality product.

Bob said, “Colorado has a burgeoning community of craft wine producers – a movement that is happening across the country in states like Michigan and Virginia.  It is time that people have the opportunity to start learning about some of these amazing producers and trying their wines.  We’ve had enough of boring wine.”

This seems to be only the start for Winestyr, as they are continuing to work with additional wineries around the country, and the state of Colorado, to bring unique wines to thirsty patrons everywhere.

Look for several other Colorado wineries to jump on board in the near future.

Winestyr’s approach to the “one deal at a time” idea brings not only the product to the forefront, but also the wineries themselves; their goal is to not just connect the wines with the consumers, but to educate them on the producers themselves. “We focus on the presentation of the wineries, we really try to tell each winery’s individual story. We have been pleasantly surprised at how much the look and feel of Winestyr changes depending on which winery is featured – it actually feels like they have taken over our platform. Canyon Wind Cellars is a great example of that.”

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