Win a ticket to Avery SourFest this Saturday. Also, take the bus.

You know that little festival called Avery SourFest that sold out in 2 minutes? We have an extra ticket. Want it?

You have to work for it. Sort of.

Write a haiku for us.

It can be about Avery, SourFest, sour beer in general, the Wagon, or something else creative that you think we’ll love. Leave your haiku in the comments below. We’ll pick a winner THURSDAY, MAY 31 at NOON.

If you’re already going to SourFest, we strongly suggest you leave the driving to people who don’t have tickets. Take a bus from Rackhouse Pub to Avery and back for $20. It’ll be neat.


And the winner is:

A famed brewery,

Avery brings us Sourfest

Pucker, bitch. Pucker.

Kelly Tidd – @dulcedimentia

About PJ Hoberman

PJ likes beer. A lot. And whiskey. Gin. Wine. Cocktails. Um.. what were we talking about?

  • timbrauhn

    Puckered perry mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Brettanomyces mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Gimme that sour brew

  • timbrauhn

    Barrel-aged beauties
    Funky brett sex in bottles
    Small sips, please, pour man

  • timbrauhn

    Avery has three
    Syllables, which makes haiku
    Really hard to write

  • Jennifer Hensley

    Thick Keen Aroma 
    Dizzying Head of Fizz
    Bubble Down into my Happy Place

  • timbrauhn

    Amercia rocks
    Boulder has nice beer for us
    Drink til my lips break

  • timbrauhn

    Barnyard funky fresh
    Sour Fest wins inside my mouth 
    No umami here

  • Jennifer Hensley

    Tim Brauhn is an overachiever
    Posting multiple posts
    But the sour delight shall be mine

    • timbrauhn

      Jennifer Hensley
      Brettanomyces lover
      Might yield to her yet

      • Jennifer H

        Avery sold out
        It’s too bad there aren’t 2
        Brauhn-Hensley Rapping at Sour Fest

        • timbrauhn

          Fearsome duo, POW’R!

          Do it – Jen, you bring the sweet
          And I’ll bring the sour

          • Jennifer H

            Sour Collusion
            Sweet Redemption
            Team HB Fest

  • timbrauhn

    I can show you a
    World, shining with splendid beer
    Av’ry Sour Fest, girl

  • Jennifer H

    Beer Beer
    Bundles of Sour
    Drink Up ’til it’s all Gone

  • timbrauhn

    Kids – I bleed haiku
    Akira Kurosawa
    No relation, reals

  • Matt Meyer

    Into the wild
    journey to sourfest
    palette dances

  • Jennifer H

    Off the Wagon
    Spring Glee
    Acerb Me Away

  • Evan

    Avery Sour Beers
    Damn, sold out in two minutes!
    Better pucker up!

  • Preston

    I love sour beer
    Perfect except one small thing –
    Awful smelly farts.

  • Rachel AKA @dive_bar

    Bought two tickets then
    boyfriend gave mine to his bro
    Help a sister out

  • Kelly Tidd

    A famed brewery,

    Avery brings us Sourfest

    Pucker, bitch. Pucker.

  • Erik Caine Sober

    What is a Haiku
    I just want some Effing Beer
    Please Stop teasing me

  • Gwstant

    Out of the Country
    Should not have left Ben in charge
    Hook a brother up

  • wb

    gone in 2 minutes
    hearts of many crushed that day
    sourfest without us!

  • capulinflicker

    Barrels and wild brett

    Sold out Sour Fest made me fret

    Free tix… and Tibet!!!

  • Storm Peak Brewing

    Sour fest sold out fast

    off the wagon has one ticket

    a chance at long last

  • Missy_Crisy

    Makin’ friends with hops,

    cause it’s good to be bitter,

    Avery Sour Beer Fest!

  • John Mogos

    Some bugs in my beer
    brettanomyces is best
    sour in my face.

  • Terry Cabeen

    Delicious pucker

  • timbrauhn

    Geuze, lambic, Flanders!RAIN ACID ‘PON MY PALATE
    Let Brett hurt me so

  • timbrauhn

    Yeah, it makes things taste off-ish
    Some of us love it

  • timbrauhn

    Av’ry doth present:
    Supplication, La Folie,
    other little tarts

  • timbrauhn

    This is a palindrome-haiku minus a single “a”, so stick that in your haiku-pipe and smoke it. I am having way too much fun with this.  

    Doc – Note, I dissent. 
    A fast ne’er prevents fatnessI diet on cod.

  • Ben Barton

    First sip like a slap –

    Are these sours just a trap?

    Poetry on tap!

  • Patrick Kafka

    Homebrewed Berliner Weisse, Mmmm….

    It never soured

    Oh, to try the real ones.

  • Steve P.

     Off the Wagon Goes!
    Friends PJ, Lacto and Brett,
    To the Fest of Sours

  • Steve P.

    Tartness for the tongue
    Bacteria in it’s best
    Sipping sourness and sweet sun

  • Christina Grant

    Forever be my downfall
    Give redemption please

  • MisGrant

    Bitter, sweet, tasty,

    Beer is even heart healthy

    Sourness Beer Fest

  • MisGrant

    No siesta,
    when it comes to this fiesta
    I dig Avery.

  • Ben F.

    Booze flows down my throat
    Brett goodness pleases my palate
    Face down in gutter

  • JR

    Hops Barley Water
    Add Some Bugs To Do Their Thing
    Barnyard Funk Goodness

  • d_mcgraw

    Sweet, Sour, Umami.
    Gueuze, Lambic, Oud Bruin, Flanders.SourFest has them all.

  • Ian

    Frothy, foamy head Begins dancing in my glass Harmony for my tongue

  • Ian

    Frothy, foamy headBegins dancing in my glassHarmony for my tongue

  • Megan deffner

    Scour the final
    Sour sips from the bottom
    of the brown bottle

  • DJ Jolly Roger

    The Wagons packin meat… doubt its savory!
    So tip a few back and pucker up with Avery!

  • DJ Jolly Roger

    sorry i was late…my blonde wife told me i should do it but didnt look at the date!! hiku