Bull & Bush Celebrates 4 World Cup Medals with Free Beer

Image Courtesy of Bull & Bush's Twitter Account (@BandBManBeer)


From Bull & Bush:

You’ve probably heard the buzz by now about the Bull & Bush Brewery cleaning up at the 2012 World Beer Cup last weekend. Brew Master Gabe walked away with some serious heavy metal: Gold for MAN BEER and Turnip the Beets and Bronze for Tower E.S.B. and Release the Hounds Barley Wine.

To honor this 4-peat outstanding achievement, we’ll be having a celebration at the Bull & Bush on June 4th. At 4:04pm we will tap a free keg of MAN BEER (We’ll pour til the keg runs dry) and for $4.44 you can sample of all 4 award winning beers. Don’t miss your chance to congratulate the brew team and taste the beers that took San Diego by storm!

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