Avery Pedal Pub Crawl Poker Run (say that five times fast!)

This past Saturday, Avery Brewing celebrated Colorado Beer Week by throwing a pub crawl – on bikes!  25 brave and bundled up people thumbed their noses at the rain and came out for good beer, much fun, and a chance to win swag and a coveted  VIP tour of the Avery brewery.  For those of you that did not grow up with biker parents and are unaware, a poker run collects a card at each bar and the best hand at bar five wins.

First stop was Hops and Pie.  The torrential down pour had calmed down to a drizzle and everyone was off to a good start.

Next up was Amato’s Ale House.  Given time constraints and a deep desire to have a Belgian (beer that is) inside of me, I did skip this one and headed to stop three. 

Cheeky Monk.  Along the route, the rain went from drizzle to shit storm and back down to drizzle again so riders were a bit on the soaked side.  Everyone kept to amazing good spirits and we were quickly off to Star Bar. 

Cheeky Monk got Cheeky

Here is where things started to get nutty, as often happens at Star Bar.  Out comes a cylinder shaft gifted to the bar by a nameless vodka company and in went the equivalent of a six-pack or so of Avery Maharaja, topped with fresh hops.  And we’re plunging.  And we’re plunging.  A Star Bar special hop infusion of awesome.   In an effort to not allow Star Bar to take me hostage, I made the move to the last stop.

Justin and Britt and the Magical Hops

Fresh Craft. As you can imagine, this was where the previous beers all kicked in and hilarity ensued. Oh tiny shirt guy…you were funny.  And that’s where I stayed.  For approximately six hours.  Pretty much a perfect end to my Colorado Beer Week…on Sunday we rest.

Thank you Avery for always including Denver in your celebration list.  Next time I may even do this on a bike! (Shut up, we had expensive camera equipment with us!)


Photo Credit: Jason Sheats

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