MillerCoors introduces Punch Top Cans

I’m fortunate enough to have recently received a promotional package for the new MillerCoors Punch Top Cans complete with two cans featuring the new-fangled contraption—a Miller Lite and a Miller Genuine Draft.  I thought I’d pit the Punch Top Can of Miller Lite against a conventional can of Miller Lite to see what the hubbub’s all about.

Drinking straight from can: I opened both cans, punched the top, closed my eyes, mixed the two cans up until I forgot which one was which, and, with eyes still closed, took a few sips from each.  It may come as a surprise but I actually preferred the non-Punch Top Can; I felt it had a livelier flavor.  However, I concede that the Punch Top miller Lite had a more effervescent mouthfeel which, I believe, is the point since Amy Breeze, director of innovation and activation for Miller Lite, said that “consumers told us they prefer the Punch Top Can three-to-one over the standard beer can because it’s more like drinking from a pilsner glass.”

Pouring into pint: Another advantage of the Punch Top Can is that it’s said to have a smoother pour: less “glug,” as it were.  After comparing the pours from both cans I can say that, indeed, the Punch Top Can does have a more constant stream—barely.  I poured both cans hard and the conventional can created a stream that was almost free of undulation save for a quaver here and there.  The Punch Top Can, however, had a pour as smooth as glass.

So, yes, the Punch Top Can is technically superior and “will be the standard can for all Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft 12- and 16-ounce cans.”

But, really, the main purpose of the Punch Top Can is to create innovative ways of opening it.  Miller Lite suggests “a house key, golf tee or even a dollar bill.”  Personally, I used a screw as it was the closest poke-inducing object I had.  What follows is a list of ways to open a Punch Top Can that have yet to be mentioned.  Got any other bright ideas?  Leave them in the comments.

  • Set can on ground.  Toss darts up into the air so that they land straight down on the punch tab.  First person to score a direct hit gets the beer.
  • Glue mealworm over punch tab and place can outside.  Wait for bird to fly by, peck at the worm, and open the Punch Top Can.
  • Take can to London.  Place can on the Olympic track.  Wait for one of Usain Bolt’s shoe spikes to poke a hole in it.
  • Throw can in air. Try to shoot out punch tab with BB gun.
  • Put a spiked collar on your dog.  Call dog over and quickly rap the can over one of the spikes thus opening the Punch Top Can. If wearing leather jacket at the time, extend thumbs and bellow out a Fonzi-esque “Aaaaaaay!”
  • Hire butler. Have butler do it for you.

Can you tell the difference between these two Miller Lite cans?


How about now?

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  • Dgottli1

    Now if they only made the punch on the bottom we could shotgun beers way easier!

  • Rick Ramos

    If you’d like to update this post with a shotgun test, I’m available.

    • Star Bar

      Think it’s time for a weekly beer shotgun review!  Our favorite is Avery IPA, so far….only a thorough testing regime tell.

  • amention

    I’ll also volunteer for shotgun testing.  Re: fun ways to open that baby, i think it calls for a new piercing. (Get it?) Perhaps some sort of gauged septum deal with a very pointy tip would do the trick.

  • shellieshel

    Place punch top over nipple (yours or a friend’s), arouse said nipple, presto! Smooth pouring beer!  

  • Scott Steigerwald

    Since fine food goes with fine beer, I suggest using the straw from a happy meal to open the punch top can.

  • redwhiteandbuzzed

    Guess they’ve never had a bottle of beer – then they’d be familiar with the thing called a “bottle opener.” I’ll open my can using their pointy heads.

  • the twice chipped guy

    Punch top seems to be the best because if you go to the best bars in Europe, USA, Dude, Koreans know beer, heck anywhere on earth the best beer always is on tap and when it is pored it is pored the tap way making the lest disturbance in delivery which makes the beer hold its head up and it’s natural taste come through. but more than this the process of recycling is aided in the fact the cap is the same as the body of the dispenser and the cost of recycling is offset in the process which show less metal is more efficient and makes for a better can. All beer should come in such cans and the trinket designers could be making key bobs or cap top can openers or bringing back the old P-38 with a twist, what ever floats your boat but this is revolutionary in design. You kick butt Miller Lite! Here is a chance to prove we have the right idea and doing something for the environment can be fun. How says that’s not drinking responsibly?